9-year-old Presley Josephine Caywood reviews THE EDIBLE COMPLEX

Presley Josephine Caywood is a fourth grader at Wasatch Elementary. She attended a dress rehearsal of THE EDIBLE COMPLEX by Melissa Leilani Larson this week – below is her review. So, my mom told me that we were going to go see show called THE EDIBLE COMPLEX. She told me what the show was about and I was really excited. We were recently talking about food and the food groups. I was comparing myself to some other kids in school. Was I skinny enough? Was I healthy enough? Seeing THE EDIBLE COMPLEX made me feel a lot better about myself. I was expecting the actors in the show to talk about the food groups and what you are supposed to eat, but it was totally different because it talked about not comparing yourself to others. The play also talked about foods like cheese burgers and tacos. I also noticed that being happy is healthy. When the main character did unhealthy things (like not eat) she wasn’t very happy with herself or her life. The director [Cheryl Cluff] did a fine job. I like that they decided to use a small space for the stage. The staging looked very realistic but you could also tell when Anna (the main character [Anne Louise Brings]) was changing environments by how she moved around the set. The costumes [designed by Aaron Swenson] were really cool. I also liked the diversity in the actors. Inserted Mom comment: “I raised my eyebrows at her when I read that last sentence. Presley responded quickly with a sassy, ‘What? You didn’t think I would notice that?'” The actor... read more

A Pair of Nominations for City Weekly’s Best of Utah Arts Awards

We at Plan-B Theatre Company feel crazy lucky to have received 50 Best of Utah Arts Awards from City Weekly since 2000. This year, we are honored to be nominated in two categories: “Best Theatre Production” for THE KREUTZER SONATA by Eric Samuelsen in a co-production with NOVA Chamber Music Series and “Best Original Play” for BASED ON A TRUE STORY by Elaine Jarvik.

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Announcing the 2016/17 Season

Subscriptions are $53 and include ONE BIG UNION by Debora Threedy, VIRTUE by Tim Slover and NOT ONE DROP by Morag Shepherd. THE EDIBLE COMPLEX by Melissa Leilani Larson is available as an add-on for $6.

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How to #LoveUTGiveUT on March 31

Each of the past three years we at Plan-B Theatre have been near the top of the #LoveUTGiveUT leaderboard (3rd in 2013, 2nd in 2014, 4th in 2015) for Small Non-Profits. Last year we also won the Best Marketing Campaign. This year we’re not pushing to compete for prizes. We’re just hoping to raise $3,000 toward our 2016/17 season of world premieres by Utah playwrights. Click here to make your contribution by midnight! We are celebrating 25 years of developing and producing unique and socially conscious theatre created by Utah playwrights. In fact, we also open the final world premiere of our 25th anniversary season, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, on March 31! We share stories with a local point-of-view as well as global stories from a local perspective. We nourish a pool of local playwrights rivaling that found in any other city in the country. We believe the best way to serve our community is to reflect it onstage – to create conversation, to provide an opportunity for patrons to think a little differently, to consider a point-of-view that may have been previously foreign, to listen in a way they may not have before. Hang out online with us today on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to give and be the first to see the announcement of our 2016/17 season at 10am, Noon, 2pm 4pm and 6pm! We also hope that you will support CATALYST Magazine, Davis Arts Council and The David Ross Fetzer Foundation for Emerging... read more


We are casting one female actor for the role of Aidan (any age between 30 and 50, any ethnicity, AEA or non-AEA) in the world premiere of NOT ONE DROP by Morag Shepherd as part of our 2016/17 season. NOT ONE DROP (the current winner of the Plan-B Theatre grant from The David Ross Fetzer Foundation for Emerging Artists) is a sideways glance at the roles we play to convince ourselves we are (or aren’t) who we think we are. If Sarah Kane and Caryl Churchill had a baby, this play would be that weird, wacky baby. Rehearsals begin February 28, 2017 with performances March 23-April 2, 2017. Yes, a year from now 🙂 Click here to download the current draft of the script (for reading and audition purposes only). NOT ONE DROP will be directed by Plan-B’s Artistic Director Jerry Rapier. Rowe will be played by Latoya (Rhodes) Cameron; all auditioners will read with her.  Click here to schedule your audition on Saturday, March 5 in the Studio Theatre at the Rose Wagner (you will be asked to upload your headshot and resume as a single PDF document).  Please do not schedule an audition until you have read the play. Once your audition is scheduled, sides and the audition form will be emailed to you. Those called back will be seen again the same day at 2pm. Plan-B pays $300/week for a 5-week contract (3 weeks rehearsal, 2 weeks... read more

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