Actor Lauren Byington-Noll remembers working with David Fetzer

David Fetzer with Lauren Byington-Noll in THE SCARLET LETTER

David Fetzer with Lauren Byington-Noll in THE SCARLET LETTER

Lauren Byington-Noll appeared with our dear, departed friend David Fetzer in Plan-B’s world premiere of Jenifer Nii’s THE SCARLET LETTER in 2012.

David Fetzer let me wipe my snot on his shoulder every night.  That is the embarrassing truth.  Since any sort of heightened emotional life turns my nose into a faucet, I should have taken a closer look when deciding to become an actor.  Usually when I’m in a show that demands that of me (most of them), I’m planted with a handkerchief (as a result of the humiliating conversation that everyone has to have about how we should handle my snot situation).  In THE SCARLET LETTER, David’s shirt was it.  There was a moment I had to take every night when we embraced after the “big scene” and I took the upstage side with my head and he let me do it.  This is the generosity of David Fetzer as a scene partner.  He was generous with more than his sleeve on stage.  I trusted David Fetzer, one hundred percent, no questions asked.  I knew every time I met him in that black box, he would give me everything he had, and he would offer me a safe place to give what I could.  We didn’t have to talk about the scenes later, hash out our backstory with each other, or discuss where we were getting stuck.  We just did our work in the space, and then we could talk about dinosaurs and snot because I knew he was going to be there when we got back to the stage.  I miss him and that amazing, goofy laugh of his.  He left behind something pretty special, though, and I hope all the artists he worked with will carry his influence into their work from here on out so he can live in us through the gifts he gave.

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