Actress Teresa Sanderson Reflects On Opening Week of EXPOSED

Well here we go, we survived hell week and the show is open. That is always a feat, but for this show it was surreal. We did the show for Mary’s family on Wednesday night. After the performance Julie, (Mary and Ann’s sister) thanked us for giving her her sister nack for an hour and a half. I cried, we all cried.

The next night (our preview) the house was sold out and full of the folks from Heal Utah – the energy was intense. Actors love that energy we get from an audience but I don’t think I’ve ever had it coming at me like that before. The show went well and I think we all felt like we were ready to open. Good thing because we are opening and Jerry informs us that the run is almost sold out and we will be adding performances.

So finally it’s here…opening night. Now mind you Kirt and I know that some of the people we play will be seeing the play, I had already met Carole Gallagher at the Gallery opening the Friday before, she was lovely and I tried to relax. But opening night (after the show, thanks God) they were suddenly All there it was crazy. I had an idea that Michelle Thomas was there because there was a jazzy wheelchair in the lobby as we made out entrance and, oh yeah, I was sitting two chairs away from here the entire play. Tried hard not to think about that too. Then walking across the street to the after-show party Jerry introduced me to Darlene Phillips. I walked into Squatters and they were all there: Preston, Michelle, Carole, Darlene – it was crazy. I’ve been in theatre a long time now and a lot of cool things come about because of the show you’re doing, but to actually get to meet, talk to and touch those people I am trying to give a voice to every night was something else. There really are no words to describe it. I’ll never forget it. The best part is they are so excited about the play and our work in it. So whew, that’s a big relief!

So now we really are open and made it through the first weeks run. A day off what will that be like? Nice but it will be great to be back on Thursday telling this amazing story with this amazing group of people.

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