Actress Teri Cowan Talks About Tech Week of EXPOSED

Lucky me, I get to blog about the week of Hell…er, tech! This is the week where suddenly the scenes that were coming along quite nicely when you performed them on a floor with a tape outlining the set, become somewhat maddening when a mere 8-inch-rise step throws you completely off your game. Who knew how many seconds would be added to an entrance when you actually have to go AROUND a set piece, a curtain, or a (you fill in the blank). Yes, this does happen every single production you’re in and yes, in your actor brain you think you’re completely prepared for the little something thrown in the mix that can’t possibly hamper your flawless performance. Then suddenly that line you’ve never missed, EVER, completely escapes you because now, you must utter it standing on a platform rather than on a taped floor. I know. Ridiculous. Next, throw in lights (or lack of), sound, projections, costumes etc. and suddenly everything you think you had a handle on goes out the window. I’d love to say this awakening comes with absolutely no personal stress or tension, but I’d be lying. Sometimes these days can be very ugly but fortunately in the case of EXPOSED whatever minor psychodrama we’ve encountered has been nipped in the bud quickly and with good grace.

Finally, as we approach opening week, we’re in a place where we can rediscover the piece with all of these layers added into the whole. Hopefully the thing is so soundly in our bones that all the technical aspects become an enhancement. On a personal level Mary’s piece is so moving to me that it’s actually been a relief to worry about a pant length or earring choice because to be consumed by the tenderness I feel for the characters is sometimes overwhelming. To be playing a character who was a living, breathing, incredible woman who left behind a husband, three children she adored, a loving sister, parents, family and friends is a responsibility that sometimes takes my breath away. To know that those people will see the production for the first time this week is daunting. But I feel so honored to help tell Ann’s story. Ann’s and all the others.

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