a world premiere by Debora Threedy

ninth annual Free Elementary School Tour

ALLI AND #3 is the story of a gator named Alli and a heron without a name. They form an unlikely friendship as they follow a thinning river in search of a new home. A tale of fishing and friendship created specifically for grades K-3.

Available in-person to schools beginning August 30 - please read this first and then email Education Coordinator Sharah Meservy to book today! Or ask about the podcast or video-on-demand options! Scroll down for information on public performances.

performed by Talia Heiss (Alli) & Benjamin Young (#3)
and Pedro Flores (Alli) & Sammee Jackman (#3)

directed by Jerry Rapier (SDC)

designed by Arika Schockmel (SPAM)
rehearsal stage manager Sam Allen
pre- and post-show created by Sharah Meservy
tour manager Kallie Filanda

Podcast sound design by Cheryl Ann Cluff
recorded and engineered by David Evanoff

video lighting design by Pilar I.
videography by David Evanoff


Due to inclement weather, ALLI AND #3 has been rescheduled to Friday, October 29, 2022. Same times. When you see the play, you'll appreciate the irony of rained-out performances!


At-Home Study Guide  |  Classroom Study Guide


Catalyst Magazine  |  The Utah Review (preview | review)


Students in grades K-3 will meet Core Standards in Drama, Science & Engineering, Language Arts, and Library Media.


After experiencing ALLI AND #3, students will understand how human activity impacts the natural world and that living things must adapt and/or migrate to survive. Students will be able to: (1) explain the difference between weather and climate, (2) offer examples of different types of habitats and organisms found in those habitats, (3) understand that human activity causes changes in the environment, (4) offer examples of animals adapting and/or migrating to survive adverse circumstances, and (5) understand how cooperation can lead to solutions to problems that would be impossible to achieve individually.


digiPlaybill  |  digiScript (viewable only on Google Drive, not downloadable or printable: depending on your settings you may need to request access).

Our new children's book, Cleo and the Climate by Sharah Meservy and illustrated Avery Franklin, was created as a companion piece to ALLI AND #3. Each school booking the 2021/22 Free Elementary School Tour (in-person, video-on-demand, or podcast) received a free copy for the school library. The book is sold out but please click here to view a read-aloud video!