We're so excited to come perform at your school! Since we are visiting schools all over the state, we want to be extra careful to protect your staff and students as well as our company members. We've developed a detailed COVID-19 Safety Plan. Please let Education Coordinator Sharah Meservy know right away if any of the requirements below are going to be an issue for your school. We will do everything we can to figure out an adjustment!

Education Coordinator Sharah Meservy and Tour Manager Kallie Filanda are COVID-19 compliance safety officers, certified through Health Education Services and Arts + Science. All members of Plan-B’s staff and the production team of ALLI AND #3 are fully vaccinated and are tested for COVID-19 weekly. We also sanitize all props and costumes before every performance.

We are asking that you provide a private space for the actors to change into and out of their costumes. This could be a staff bathroom, an empty classroom, a curtained back-stage area, or even a walk-in closet. We ask that this "dressing room" is sanitized before we arrive and that access is limited to only our actors from the time they arrive until after they have changed back into their street clothes.

We also ask that the performance space be sanitized before we arrive. If you have a stage, we're happy to use it, but if not, we need 12ft x 12ft of space to perform in with at least 6ft of distance between this space and the audience. We've performed in classrooms in the past, but this year we'd prefer to stick to auditoriums, kivas, or gyms that better allow for social distancing.

Please share with us any additional protocols we need to follow during our visit to your school. We really want to do everything we can to keep you and your students safe!