Audience response to CHRISTMAS WITH MISFITS

Here is a sampling of audience response to CHRISTMAS WITH MISFITS, receiving its world premiere at Plan-B Theatre through December 21. The only tickets are Friday, December 19 at 8pm and Saturday, December 20 at 4pm and 8pm – all other performances are sold out! Click here for more information and tickets.

[Playwright Julie] Jensen uses wry humor to make a point about Christmas without sacrificing the humanity of her characters, and director Cheryl Ann Cluff and the actors [Kirt Bateman, Colleen Baum and Jeanette Puhich] deftly maintain that balance between laughter and sensitivity.
– Barbara Bannon from her review in The Salt Lake Tribune

I LOVED IT. Julie Jensen can just have you laughing and then break your heart in the same sentence, and the acting was fantastic.
– Nell Gwynn

CHRISTMAS WITH MISFITS is the most unique and enjoyable holiday show in Utah this year. Everything from the set to the lights to the costumes to the acting and directing come together to create a simple, sweet, honest show that is exactly what everyone needs to hear this holiday season. Plan-B has done it again.
– Keaton Wren

CHRISTMAS WITH MISFITS is a tender and charming look at the underbelly of Christmas. You will know these people and their wants, disappointments and honesty. With just the right touch of humor, Julie Jensen pushes aside the cloying sweetness of the season, to reveal that for many, Christmas is less than joyful.
– Amy Wadsworth

A hilarious, heartwarming look at Christmas from the perspective of “the rest of us.” CHRISTMAS WITH MISFITS proves that you don’t have to be the traditional tinsel-and-holly type to find something worth smiling at this time of year.
– Tito Livas

CHRISTMAS WITH MISFITS is a wonderful original work! It is exciting to see such love for this craft in our community. The physicality and scene work between the three actors is beautiful.
– Allison Nicole Smith

For many people, the holidays are a time of conflicting feelings — the traditional joyfulness of the season often coexists with cynicism and doubt. Through a series of four vignettes, CHRISTMAS WITH MISFITS explores the love-hate relationship with Christmastime, combining humor, wit, and truth to create a hilarious and heartfelt take on the holiday.
– Shianne Gray

Julie Jensen and the cast of Plan-B’s CHRISTMAS WITH MISFITS have delivered a twistedly humorous and emotionally impactful holiday romp. The overstuffed holiday box of Christmas decorations is well worth the ticket price alone. A much needed treat!
– Robert Scott Smith

I laughed a lot. It’s a reminder that the holidays aren’t all fun and games. It was like seeing Christmas from backstage – and mischievously sacriligious.
– Melissa Rasmussen

“The Baby Jesus Collection” was my favorite. It was laugh out loud funny!
– Devin Baldeux

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