Audience Comments: MESA VERDE

Christy Summerhays, Teresa Sanderson, April Fossen | Photo Credit: Rick Pollock

Christy Summerhays, Teresa Sanderson, April Fossen | Photo Credit: Rick Pollock

MESA VERDE continues through March 6 – click here for more information, including tickets (only about 70 remain for the run – act quickly)! Below are more comments emailed to us by those who’ve attended MESA VERDE thus far:

This is an amazing show. It’s one of those rare shows where everyone involved has done excellent work. The script is emotionally rich and layered and note-perfect in the portrayal of its three female characters – as my friend said of the playwright, Matt Bennett: “He does good women.” The acting is superb, one of the tightest ensembles I’ve seen in quite awhile, not a false step anywhere. The director’s vision was spot-on, particularly the handling of that tricky Goddess character. And the technical elements provide a mystical, haunting, and evocative space for the story to unfold. Kudos to all.

I went in thinking that MESA VERDE was about cancer. But I was wrong. It is about relationships and healing. I don’t think I heard the word cancer mentioned more than once. MESA VERDE will bring light into your life, not the darkness that you might expect from the subject of cancer.

I was amazed by the verbal timing of the actors. The fast-paced, constant back-and-forth of the sisters made the experience so real. The emergency room scene after the broom handle fight was straight from my childhood – except it was a cut on the chin rather than a bloody nose! The kiva was a truly healing place for all last night.

MESA VERDE is a remarkable evening. Brilliant script, acting, directing, design…it is a veritable enchilada of good theatre. Get thee forth and see!

I love the idea that Plan-B presents theatre that creates conversation. There were so many take-away moments in MESA VERDE that truly moved me. I saw myself as a mother-gone-on sitting beside the Kiva watching my son and daughter discussing their feelings for me. The love/hate vortex swallowed me up! For a few minutes I was lost in the helplessness of that inevitable scene…wow! Great writing…superb acting…and absolutely mindful directing…

Gut wrenchingly impressive – I wonder if it brought everyone to their own personal Kiva moment? Thank you all.

I would say MESA VERDE was the fastest 70 minutes I had all week. The story swept me up at the open and did not let me down until the end.

MESA VERDE is a thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking play that was well-written and very well-acted. The messages of healing and resolution ring through loud and clear, and the relatable aspects of the characters allow us to juxtapose their challenges on our own lives to our own benefit. I would highly recommend this play to any who are prepared to face an emotionally-challenging work of art that will engage you and make you question your own life and relationships.

Mesa Verde was definitely a thought provoker, although I suppose all Plan-B Theatre productions are! I felt like I was peeking into a very intimate conversation between the two sisters as they debated their different world views. I loved how their love for each other seemed to power through at the end, although I must admit that my over-riding thought throughout the play was, “My little baby won’t hate me like that someday, right???”

MESA VERDE was a creative study of relations and characterization that took me on an emotional roller coaster ride; and what a ride it was! Thanks for another great production.

MESA VERDE was a concert of exquisite writing, directing and acting…allowing the audience a keen insight into the two daughters love/hate conditioning received from their mother, their individual quest for purpose and love in their lives, and their profound love for each other – no matter how suppressed those feelings may have become over the course of their lives.

Leaving the theater that night was similar to that of just having had a delicious meal at an upscale eatery.

I could totally relate to the sisters. Me and my sister are total opposites. Are we are our mother? In certain ways we are. When you are young you tell yourself, “I will never be like my Mom.” But, as you grow older, you catch yourself, in certain ways – you have more traits like your Mom than you realize.

MESA VERDE keeps you intrigued from start to finish. All the actress are great! Bravo!

We liked the play being anchored in a cultural setting familiar to us and most of the audience – Mesa Verde.
Since we have explored ruins with archeologists and anthropologists, the central visual image of the circular kiva worked well for us to to tie all the themes together. The connection between the living and the dead/ancestors, the way we negotiate relationships in spiral or circular motions to either resolution or stasis, our fractured ties to the earth…all were supported in the simple set design. Thanks for staging this play.

Thank you for the wonderful evening! I so enjoyed the play and, as I shared last evening [in the post-show discussion] the casting was very well done.

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