a world premiere by Gerard Hernandez,
Jenny Kokai, and Oliver Kokai-Means

September 6, 2022-May 23, 2023

Tenth Annual Free Elementary School Tour serving elementary schools statewide

Jacob loves ballet, turkey sandwiches, Pokedudes, and his orange blanket. He does not love living with Crohn's disease or nurses who can't get the IV in on the first try. On the day of his latest infusion, he meets Sophie, a nurse unlike any other (who might be an alien).
A play created specifically for grades 4-6 about being a child living with a chronic illness and how imagination can help get you through.
Based on the life and perspective of playwright Gerard Hernandez.

Playwright Jenny Kokai previously premiered "Janine" and "Mitch" as part of (in)divisible and SINGING TO THE BRINE SHRIMP with Plan-B; she and her son, playwright Oliver Kokai-Means, also premiered ZOMBIE THOUGHTS as Plan-B's Sixth Annual Free Eleementary School Tour. BALLET FOR ALIENS is playwright Gerard Hernandez's first play.

Featuring two casts: Danny Borba & Estephani Cerros and Tamari Dunbar & Amona Faatau. But sometimes Danny and Tamari will perform the show together and sometimes Estephanie and Amona will perform the show together.

Designed by Arika Shockmel. Tour managed by Kallie Filanda. Pre- and post-show by Sharah Meservy. Show art by Aaron Swenson. Directed by Jerry Rapier.

Available in person, as well as in video-on-demand and podcast formats, to every elementary school in Utah at no charge. Booking preference given to Title I schools.

Fine Arts Core Standards are integrated into the script and the low-prep, pre-and-post-assembly classroom activities provided via the study guide. Students will meet Core Standards in Drama, Library Media, Health Education, Science & Engineering, and Language Arts.