Persian/Japanese playwright Bijan Hosseini has previously appeared in Plan-B’s (IN)DIVISIBLE. A member of Plan-B’s Theatre Artists of Color Writing Workshop, he makes his playwriting debut this season with a drama about the difference between wanting to live and not wanting to die: “The Frailest Thing” is one of four short plays that comprise …OF COLOR, premiering in March of 2019.

I have no idea what I’m doing. Several people much smarter than me who do have all told me that this is okay.

I [almost] believe them, intellectually.
Emotionally … not so much.
– Not yet anyway.

This experience has been a thing, like a gun to my head that graciously forced me to do the thing I want to do but haven’t often done – write.

And in writing I’ve been led through a process that bled me open and made me look at other processes inside: What’s in my control and what’s not? What do I want to hang on to, and what do I need? What can I let go of, and what can’t I? What do I have to let go of, and how long do I have to be dragged before I finally let go?

I still don’t know.
I don’t have any answers.
– Not yet anyway.

The play, for me; roots this universal existential angst about which one can become mired in intellectualization and puts it into a painful present with very little, if any, control – it puts the gun to the head and forces the reality not of thoughts, but feeling.

Thank you Jerry for holding the gun, Julie for loading it, Plan-B et al for setting the stage, and Olivia and the other playwrights involved in the Theatre Artists of Color Writing Workshop for watching not so silently. It has been a thing I hope to do again and again.

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