Former Utah State Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck is Plan-B’s current board president.

One of the things I love most about Plan-B Theatre is our willingness to tackle difficult subjects head on. And the uniquely Utah experience we intentionally incorporate into our work provides a much needed overlay to explore the good and bad in our collective lives.

Bringing …OF COLOR to life is one of those experiences. The four short works featured in this production are a wonderfully organic result of a Theatre Artists of Color gathering that we at Plan-B initiated a couple of years ago. A few of the 51 artists involved in that discussion mentioned that they wanted to expand their experience in writing plays but didn’t know quite where to start. We facilitated that opportunity.

These stories are our voices, our experiences as people of color in today’s Utah – you might feel slightly uncomfortable, slightly out of place as you experience them. That’s intentional – we invite you to be immersed in some of the day-to-day situations that are sadly commonplace for many of us.

We’ll also provide a healthy dose of belly laughs.

Use what you see, what you hear, to enlighten yourself as well as those around you.

Seek understanding.

Seek change.

…OF COLOR (comprised of “American Pride” by Iris Salazar, “The Frailest Thing” by Bijan Hosseini, “Drivers License, Please” by Olivia Custodio and “Roar” by Darryl Stamp) premieres March 28-April 7. Limited tickets available here.

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