A world premiere by Julie Jensen

December 11-21, 2014


Studio Theatre, Rose Wagner

138 W 300 S, SLC

Running time 1 hour  |  No late seating

Click here for mini-season tickets

***A wait list will form 1 hour before each of the final three performances (Saturday, December 20 at 4pm and 8pm and Sunday, December 21 at 2pm) in the Rose Wagner box office – you must be in the box office, in person, at that time in order to get on the wait list, which is first-come, first-served. If you arrive before that time and leave for any reason you forfeit your place in line. Pre-paid standby tickets will be sold to those on the wait list, in chronological order, approximately 15 minutes before show time, based on availability. Those we are unable to seat will receive an immediate refund.***

A quartet of short comic plays about what is wrong – and could be right! – with Christmas.  We’ll help you don your gay apparel!

In THE GIRL AND THE ELF, a seven-year-old girl arranges a play date with a Macy’s elf. In HIM AND HER ON CHRISTMAS EVE, an adolescent boy and an adolescent girl, both gay and both geeks, give each other sex for Christmas. THE BABY JESUS COLLECTION features 1,121 baby Jesuses. And in CHRISTMAS IN MEADOWS MANOR, new friends spend their last Christmas together in an old folks home.

Featuring Kirt Bateman, Colleen Baum and Jeanette Puhich.  Directed by Cheryl Ann Cluff.

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