by Sharah Meservy
illustrated by Avery Franklin

Seven-year-old Cleo loves science. So does her younger brother Miles. It's a good thing Mom and Grandma are scientists! In Cleo and the Climate, Cleo and Miles learn to be curious, creative, and careful.

What’s the best way to learn more about how Grandma grows plants in her greenhouse, how NASA tracks the weather, and why some beetles are pests? By asking questions. Lots of them.

Created as a companion to our Free Elementary School Tour of ALLI AND #3 by Debora Threedy, available to every elementary school in Utah. Each school booking the Tour receives a free copy for the school library. Please click here for booking information.


Or purchase a copy off the shelf at The King's English Bookshop or Weller Book Works.

"I love this book. To see the representation of a healthy, happy, Black family made me smile. This is a book that explains so much and will give kids answers and questions to keep them searching and learning. The illustrations are just lovely."

Michelle A. Love-Day, Founder, RISE Virtual Academy

“My students and I loved Cleo and the Climate! it’s refreshing to hear that my students see a character they can relate to in many ways, who also embodies the characteristic we want to see in our students: curiosity. As an educator, I appreciate the focus on the scientific process, and how it is presented as a natural step within their own wonder, modeling how even the young and small, can be great scientists.”

Cal Beck, First Grade Teacher, Peruvian Park Elementary