Crystal Young-Otterstrom & Wendy Blankenship: Subscribing to Plan-B

Crystal Young - Otterson

Crystal Young - Otterson

A few weeks ago I had a dream. In this dream there was a disaster. I was hanging out with my little 3-year-old nephew Noah and we were frantically searching all over the world for my – wait for it – Plan-B season tickets. I had neglected to buy them on time and we were looking and looking for season tickets to buy. Because Plan-B is so popular, there were none left! There were also some monkeys involved but I don’t remember what they had to do with anything. I was so stressed out by this dream that it actually woke me up. However, at that moment came the realization: I DID already have Plan-B tickets! No need to worry. No need to fear. I was going to enjoy the highest quality of challenging theatre all year long. Phew. I have rarely felt so relieved after a stress dream. That story is 100% true by the way. I really dreamed that!

I say challenging theatre because that’s what I feel is the niche of Plan-B. It’s not just great theatre performed by excellent professional actors. It’s also plays and subject matter that makes you pause and think. I always come out a little different each time, with new ideas and new perspectives. For that reason I love Plan-B and value the years I’ve been associated with the company. It’s not just the company though, it’s also the people. If you haven’t discovered Plan-B Theatre and its people, now’s the time. Do it fast before you start having dreams that there are no more season tickets left that involve weird monkeys.


Wendy Blakenship


Wendy Blankenship

Equality, identity, history, relationships and death sit in a dark room waiting for a light to be turned on. In Salt Lake City, this light is Plan-B Theatre Company.

Every Plan-B production I have experienced has consistently reflected the human experience, asking the audience to question and re-define what we believe. From exploring the unknown in RADIO HOUR: FRANKENSTEIN to gender identity in SHE WAS MY BROTHER, Plan-B offers insights into the issues that shape the world around us. I have found the staff, writers and actors of Plan-B to be compassionate and dedicated to confronting social and political issues. Plan-B’s partnerships with community organizations, such as the Utah AIDS Foundation as well as the Human Rights Education Center of Utah, confirm this dedication to socially conscious theater. When leaving a Plan-B production I am always entertained, enlightened and grateful to be in the audience.

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