DI ESPERIENZA – Teresa Sanderson

Tech week…okay, usually it is a nightmare. There are stories about tech weeks, the rehearsals can be long tedious, epic rehearsals. Not so for us, we are so lucky, Jesse has been with us all week (Jesse Portillo our light designer) And he has been building every light cue to our rhythms. We are still fine-tuning but the light feels so good. Add sound, which is designed with intricate precision by Cheryl Ann Cluff. Period(ish) costumes by Jann Haworth and my clunky transitions are suddenly becoming clear…well clearer. I think we stopped the rehearsal one time yesterday, (a tech rehearsal mind you) to clean up technical stuff, so we got in a good run. Jerry took us out for a lovely dinner and notes. Hey only a page and a half of notes (not the 5 or 6 pages we started the week with) so we are getting closer.

Sunday wasn’t as good a run for me, mumble mouth. And the words are rich beautiful words, but don’t get one out of order. Yesterday I felt ‘in’ the scenes today I was busy thinking, “Do I button my jacket here? Has that light always done that? Do I wait until after the sound cue? Is my hair falling out? Where is that damn quill?” Oh yeah and I have to talk too (with feeling please). Well, we have another shot at it on Tuesday. Then soon I’ll have to stop thinking so hard and just let it live. I love that part. Turns out I love the whole process, I love the research, the stumble thru, trying things that don’t work, and better things that do. Working in all the technical aspects and finally opening the show. I think we are almost there.

I feel lucky, I get to do what I love with people I admire and learn from.

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