Thank you for supporting our continued development and production of unique and socially conscious theatre created by Utah playwrights.

Listed below (in alphabetical order by first name) are all donations received since the first day of our our current fiscal year (July 1, 2023) through today, as well as donations specifically designated for FY24.

If we have made an error, please email us and we will correct it immediately.


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Utah State Legislature/
    Utah State Board of Education


Salt Lake County's Zoo,
    Arts & Parks Program


Shubert Foundation
Utah Division of Arts
   & Museums


B.W. Bastian Foundation
George Speciale
Salt Lake City Arts Council


George S. & Dolores Doré
   Eccles Foundation

Larry H. & Gail Miller
   Family Foundation
Miner Foundation


Blake & Susan Heiner
KRCL (in-kind)
Lee & Audrey Hollaar
Sam & Diane Stewart
   Family Foundation


Debora Threedy
Kay Shean
MaryBeth Jarvis Clark
Project Rainbow
Randy Rasmussen (in-kind)
Salt Lake City's ACE Fund
Smith & Wilcox Blue Skies
Vertical Response (in-kind)
Vickie Venne
Wells Fargo
WooCommerce (in-kind)


Anne Goldberg
Christine Allred
Howard Mann
In Loving Memory of
Marilyn R. Holt
Jeffrey Paris
John & Marcia Price
    Family Foundation
Kathie Zumbro
Rebecca Chavez-Houck
Xmission (in-kind)


100 Women Who Give
Alexandra Harbold
Anne Freed Goldberg
Colleen Berman
Henry Whitesides
Jacobson Family Support Fund
Jennifer Coyle
Libby Hunter
Maxine Johnson
Scott Kisling
Sonia Woodbury


Anita Booher
Annabel Sheinberg
Anne Cullimore Decker

Arleen Bedingfield
Candace Larson
Elliot Merrill
Gail & Ned Weinshenker
Hilary Jacobs
Jackie Biskupski
Jason Bowcutt
Jason Ma
Jean Tokuda Irwin
Jill Nutting
Karen Holt Bennion

Kathryn Mackay
Kathryn Waddell
Kathy Davis
Laura Munts
Linda Smith
Mary Cranney
Matthew Sincell
Melissa Leilani Larson
Sharon Bateman
Susan Woolsey
Tamara Young
Timothy Mason
Tracie Merrill
Tucker Samuelsen
Vicky Larsen
Yolanda Stange



Adrianne Moore
Betsy Ross
Charles Perschon
Cheryl Ann Cluff
Christine Kamitsis
Cori Ward
Dawn Brandvold
    & Bryan Gray
Ellie Gordon
Eloise Sant
Gloria Wurst
Holly Yocom
Jason Kerr
Jerry Rapier
Lorraine & Evan Sanders
Laurie Lybarger
Marika Lyons
Maureen Shields
Patrick Hubley
Rebecca Davis
Rocio Soto
Roseann Milano
Shelly Oda


Aaron Adams
Andrew Kerr
Ann Woodbury
Armando Serrano, Jr.
Ashley Andrews
Barry Moniak
Ben Brown & Steve Verno
Brenda Koga
Daisy Allred
Darryl Stamp
Dee Tua'one
Dennis Bergendorf II
Emily Larsen
Erin Empey-Baxter
Jay Perry
Leona Blackbird
Liz Lambson
Megan McCormick
Olivia Custodio
Rebecca Raybould
Rick Pollock

Stanford Larson
Stephen Speckman
Stephen Williams
Teri Cowan
Tom Roche


Barbara Bellows-TerraNova
Jonny Jepsen
Marie Dippolito