Thank God we have Jen, the stage manager with a big bottle of candy. I keep forgetting how hard being an actor can be. It’s tedious; going back over the same things time and time again. It’s hard on your vocal chords; poor Teresa as the Queen has to shout ‘Off with her head!’ time and time again. And there’s the fact that, for people like me, you come to rehearsal for four hours of work after you’ve already put in your time at a day job.

But how rewarding too. It’s just incredible to be around creative people like Tobin, Jay, Teresa and Emma as we do our part to bring the RADIO HOUR: ALICE script that Matt has given us to life. Cheryl, the director, is great too; pointing us in the right direction and then giving us room to create.

We’ve already been working with the sound effects for the show…and the music too, yesterday. Cory with the foley design and Daisy doing the actual foley work in the background. It’s all coming together so nicely I think. And Dave Evanoff, who is creating the music, is one of my favorite people ever.

I really like this. I don’t think I can possibly convey how much. I think it’s going to be a fantastic show. And I really love a stage manager who comes to rehearsal with a big bottle of candy!

Thanks everyone, for letting a radio guy come and be a part of the Plan-B RADIO HOUR: ALICE experience.

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