FY22 Audit
FY22 990
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Please note that the FY21 audit covers 21 months, reflecting the shift in our FY from October-September to July-June.

Each artistic and business decision is rooted in our mission.

We believe the best way to show our gratitude for each gift received is through vigilant fiscal stewardship.

Donors are listed here, but may opt out of publicity at any point.

We encourage donors to obtain informed advice about the tax treatment of their gifts from an external financial advisor.

We expect that sponsors explicitly disclose how our nonprofit benefits from the sale of a commercial product or service.

We reserve the right to decline restricted gifts that cannot be used as requested, when the gift falls outside the scope of our organization's mission, if the gift requires excessive resources or incurs unacceptable risk, or is derived from a donor source or activity deemed incompatible with our values.