#GivingTuesday is November 29

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving. Our goal is to raise $3,000 to support our free education programs by midnight on Tuesday November 29: the Free Elementary School Tour, The Lab and the Script-In-Hand Series (details below). Click here to make your contribution today and receive a free copy of our most recent eBook!

FREE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TOUR: The 2010 Census/2013 Addendum found that Utah is home to one of the highest percentages of children under age 18 in the nation (30.9% vs. 23.3%) and the largest average family size (3.14 vs. 2.64). And, as reported by The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah is also home to the lowest per-pupil spending (ranked 51st/70% below the national average) and largest average class size (30% above the national average).

It is increasingly difficult, and in many cases impossible, for Utah schools to provide field trips to arts events.

Thus the Free Elementary School Tour was created to offer free, professional, in-school performances; expose elementary students to live theatre and encourage pre- and post-show classroom discussion of complex issues. The ultimate goal is greater civic engagement.

We are currently the only professional theatre company in Utah touring new work created specifically for elementary students. We reach 15,000 K-6 students at 40+ schools in 7 counties each year – THE EDIBLE COMPLEX by Melissa Leilani Larson concluded its Tour earlier this month.

At least one student at each school, on each Tour thus far, has thanked us for giving them their first experience with live theatre. Each Tour also includes at least one public performance and is partially funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.

lab-animated-2THE LAB: Launched in 2008, The Lab is truly an innovative artist community where 12 playwrights (Austin Archer, Matthew Ivan Bennett, Carleton Bluford, Elaine Jarvik, Julie Jensen, Jenny Kokai, Melissa Leilani Larson, Jenifer Nii, Eric Samuelsen, Morag Shepherd, Rob Tennant and Debora Threedy) receive both support and guidance from their peers on current and future projects. The Lab allows us to build relationships with playwrights rather than plays. They share whatever script they wish, at whatever stage they wish, in a private table reading for the group. The Lab has become our primary source of work for full production. At the conclusion of the 2016/17 season, we will have premiered a total 39 plays by playwrights in The Lab (most recently ONE BIG UNION by Debora Threedy, which closed earlier this month).

Although there is ongoing concern nationwide regarding the underrepresentation of female playwrights, seven members of The Lab are women. Additionally, three are artists of color and two identify as LGBTQ. We truly are nourishing a pool of local playwrights rivaling that found in any other city in the country. The Lab may just be the single most important contribution Plan-B has made to Utah’s arts community.

SCRIPT-IN-HAND SERIES: Since its launch in 2004, 38 plays-in-progress have received staged readings as part of the Script-In-Hand Series (most recently Matthew Ivan Bennett’s WHAT WE HAD TO, also earlier this month). These readings are free to the public. The Series allows us to share plays we are unable to afford to fully produce and those that create a unique opportunity to partner with another local non-profit. As a natural extension of The Lab, the Series also allows us to further explore plays under consideration for full production.

Click here to make your #GivingTuesday contribution today and receive a free copy of our most recent eBook!


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