High school playwriting students visit A/VERSION OF EVENTS Rehearsal

High school playwriting students from American International School of Utah with playwright Matthew Ivan Bennett at a rehearsal for A/VERSION OF EVENTS

On Friday, February 20, a group of high school playwriting students from American International School of Utah sat in on rehearsal for Matthew Ivan Bennett’s A/VERSION OF EVENTS. They shared a bit about their experience with ua.

The play was amazing and I can’t wait to see it come together. I had fun laughing and learning how to run a rehearsal. I also got many ideas for my play. Also Oscar was the most adorable child ever!
– Brinlee Burmingham

I loved the dialogue in the run through. I feel that they have a very talented crew and actors, I loved how the director knew exactly what she wanted and then so shyly and quietly delivered her constructive criticism and yet it had an authoritative state to it. I think it will be a great play.
– Jonah Russell

This experience of watching the director with the actors was truly memorable. It shows me how much hard work the actors actually put in to these plays. Thank you Plan-B for giving me this opportunity.
– Alexa Hill

Well when I got there I thought it was going to suck but after like the first 15 minutes I started to love it. It was the best thing I have ever seen I wish I could go again like 10 more times.
– Jackson Spencer

I loved the experience! I loved being able to see the actors up close and acting. They did a great job. I loved the show. The acting was great and the director and writer were very nice and accommodating.
– Chloe Gilmore

Sitting in on a rehearsal was really interesting. It wasn’t what I expected though. I thought it was going to be really busy and everybody running around and feeling stressed. But no, it was really relaxed and calm. Everybody knew exactly what they needed to do and how to do it. If I ever had the chance to sit in on a rehearsal again I would say yes in a heartbeat.
– Coby Rosario

Actors Carleton Bluford & Latoya Rhodes, playwright Matthew Ivan Bennett, director Christy Summerhays

I really loved watching the rehearsal, and talking to the cast and crew. They really took into consideration the notes the director was giving. It was also really interesting to see how the characters changed their responses to certain things every time. It made the show feel more real, instead of a show with actors and lines. Being able to sit in on the working rehearsal was, overall, just a really great experience.
– Charly Johnson

It was great being able to see how a play is rehearsed and ask questions about how it was written. I learned a lot and I’m ready to write my own play.
– Addie Warner

I had alot of interest in seeing the connection the actors, the playwright and the director had. They showed me that it’s okay to mess up during the process of learning your lines and your blocking as long as you learn from what you just messed up on. It gave me a new perspective on the way you look at things from a director point of view and I would like to thank those involved who helped me see that.
– Christian Hill


On Friday, February 20th, I got to see a script come to live in front of my eyes. They answered any and all questions that we had and more such as tips and advice. The people there at Plan-B theatre were not only friendly and helpful but fun. Here’s to misheard lyrics, Chocolate World and Wa Wa.
– Keyana Besendorfer

Matthew Ivan Bennett’s A/VERSION OF EVENTS receives its world premiere March 5-15, 2015 at Plan-B Theatre, featuring Carleton Bluford and Latoya Rhodes under the direction of Christy Summerhays. Click here for more information and tickets.

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