(in)divisible is our response to the response to the election.

But it’s not about Trump.
Or Clinton.
Or Sanders.
Or Obama.
Or any other political figure.

As the project took shape, we followed two ground rules: (1) none of the above could be mentioned or even alluded to because when they are mentioned, listening ceases; and (2) everything had to be rooted in real-life experience.

(in)divisible is about our country.
(in)divisible is about its citizens.
(in)divisible is about us.

Twelve local playwrights have each created two five-minute pieces: one liberal and one conservative. Scroll down to see who they are and their thoughts on the pieces they’ve created – stories from some people you’ll agree with, some people you’ll disagree with, all who just happen to be just like you.

(in(divisible is a reminder of what it means to listen.

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We ask that in lieu of a ticket purchase you make a contribution to The Children’s Center at the theatre.


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