Interns Jared Anderson & Tommy Callan reflect on their time with Plan-B


Plan-B has offered internships to seven college students since 2007. Below are thoughts from the first two – Jared Anderson and Tommy Callan.

Jared Anderson, University of Utah, 2007/08 Season: Interning at Plan-B was one of the greatest experiences I have had during my theatrical career. As I prepared to graduate from the University of Utah with a BA in Theater Studies, I became interested in running my own theater company. At the time Plan-B had no established internship program, but Jerry Rapier was gracious enough to create an environment that would further my goals.

I began my internship learning the process of play selection for the upcoming season. New plays that were submitted by playwrights were reviewed for quality as well as if the plays themes corresponded with the general artistic mission of Plan-B. Aside from new plays, we also looked at established plays, asking staff what plays they wanted to see Plan-B produce. After quality plays were chosen, we looked at the annual budget and determined which productions would be feasible with the funds available.

Aside from play selection and the economics of producing, I also learned publicity. At the time, social media outlets like Facebook, MySpace and YouTube were just coming into vogue. Twitter didn’t exist. We reviewed the benefits of each platform and created marketing strategies for each. Not only did we use these programs to strengthen our online followings but we also created a virtual classroom, giving more information on the issues surrounding Plan-B productions.

Unfortunately my time at Plan-B was cut short due to health reasons. Though my time with the company was short, I amassed a wealth of information regarding budgeting, scheduling and promotion. Jerry Rapier is a superb mentor and I believe my internship was an invaluable experience.

Tommy Callan, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2008/09 Season: As an intern at Plan-B, I learned the true importance of flexibility and teamwork. Because no task was ever ‘too large’ or ‘too small’ for any team member like myself to participate in, I cultivated self-confidence that I continue to rely on today.

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