Actor/Director Jason Bowcutt on creating LGBTQ work with Plan-B

Jason Bowcutt has appeared in Plan-B’s THE END OF THE HORIZON and the Script-In-Hand Series readings of 8 and GHOSTS. He also directed ADAM & STEVE AND THE EMTPY SEA and will direct MARRY CHRISTMAS as part of the 2014/15 Season.  He shares his thoughts on Plan-B’s LGBTQ work as part of Give OUT Day.

When I moved back to Salt Lake City from New York I had some big concerns. I knew it was the right move at the right time but…where would I find a good slice at any time? How could I leave the comfort of this super liberal society? Who would engage in conversation with me and say things like “Yes! Absolutely! Everyone has the right to healthcare! Homos should marry!?” How would I develop new friendships? How would I break into the theatre scene? And where would I find some good gay art!?

As luck would have it one of the first people to randomly reach out to me was Jerry Rapier and, except for the pizza, he quickly got me on the path to resolve all of my Utah fears. From our first conversation I knew Jerry and Plan-B were something special in Utah and in theatre.

I had been spending most of my time in the grubby, wonderful world of Off-Off-Broadway where innovation flourished. OOB was the birthplace of theatre that explored LGBTQ issues; I understood well the political and societal impact that this genre had in helping to shape the world in which this gay boy lived. Theatre that displayed my experience, which gave voice to my joys and fears —personal and powerful stories that burst out of the closet. Who knew that I could find theatre in Utah that was just as engaging and fearless? The first two shows I experienced with Plan-B were FACING EAST and THE ALIENATION EFFEKT and I was blown away.

I was so happy to find a theatre that knew its community so well and that pulled from that community and kindly (but also unabashedly) said “This is who we are – are we happy with what we see or do we think we can be better?”

Plan-B consistently gives voice to LGBTQ issues and stories in a way that is thought-provoking, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, but always deeply engaging. I have felt blessed to have been embraced by Plan-B over time and to have had them open the door to my continued growth both as an artist and as a gay man.

Thank you Plan-B for your continued dedication to telling our stories.

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