Acting in all five installments of RADIO HOUR…wow, what an incredible journey! It was such a great thing to be a part of each of the past five years. As I gained more and more experience with radio drama it became a genre I simply want more of. I actually prefer it to any other type of acting.

The world that can exist in the mind, transferred through sound, is limitless. When the audience has no set, costumes, lights or props, and it’s all shaved down to an audible experience, they can let their imagination run wild and fill in the gaps in an unbridled and very personal way. I have the same experience performing it.

With the visual aspects left to the imagination, the world of the play has a dimension that is less fixed and gives my mind more to play with. The physical part of the work does not stop happening and you really have to listen not only to your fellow actors, but to the foley world that seems to be happening all around you with those headphones on. You are creating a living picture of sound that is unique for each person hearing it. I can still see, taste, smell and feel the environments we created. I still shiver when I twist a piece of celery. And I feel an adrenaline rush whenever a door slowly…creeks…open…

I can still hear the great Tony Larimer’s voice and those of all of the incredible actors and the people, monsters, spectres and spirits they created. The radio is absolutely awesome in its power to electrify – and terrorize – the mind.

Happy Halloween!

Plan-B’s RADIO HOUR MARATHON airs on KUER from 8pm-midnight on Sunday, October 31. Tune in to KUER FM-90, stream live via KUER’s website or listen via the free iPhone Public Radio app.

Jay Perry also appears as Wilson in Plan-B’s SHE WAS MY BROTHER through November 7.

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