Jay Perry | Photo Credit: Rick Pollock

Jay Perry | Photo Credit: Rick Pollock

With Plan-B Theatre Company’s revival of GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL! set to open as part of MUSICALS ON MAIN at Park City’s Egyptian Theatre on June 3, we wanted to share Jay Perry’s infectious excitement with you. By the end of this run Jay will have played the role of Bud more than anyone else in the world outside of the original off-Broadway cast).

When Jerry told me about plans to remount GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL! I thought Christmas had come early. I don’t think I’ve had more fun on stage than in G!TM! with Kirt Bateman.

Most of the time an actor gets to inhabit a character for a short while and then one day the play ends and you sort of say goodbye to that character and move on. But my dear friend Kirt and I still refer to each other as Bud and Doug; two musical theatre geeks (ahem…enthusiasts), best friends, who dare to dream an impossible dream that one day the show they’ve written will make it all the way to Broadway. Bud is great to play because of his intensely joyous enthusiasm for that dream. And because going after it with Kirt Bateman is just so damn fun!

GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL! is a two-man show with many characters. It’s pretty fast-paced and it’s very physical. So it takes a combination of ice-cold delicious, life-saving water, lozenges, more water, a few Hail Mary’s and a solid dose of adrenaline to get through it. Honestly it goes by so fast and at such a pace that before you know it the show’s over and you’re standing in a pool of sweat. Anyway, with Kirt Bateman on stage with me I couldn’t stand still if I tried. My Bud and his Doug really energize each other.

This will be my first time on the Egyptian Theatre stage and I’m looking forward to sharing the show with some new audience members from Park City, some from Salt Lake who may not have seen the first production and some who will be joining us again on this great adventure through the beautiful town of Schlimmer.


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