Jeanette Puhich

Jeanette Puhich

Jeanette Puhich has previously appeared in Plan-B’s CHRISTMAS WITH MISFITS, the first-ever SLAM and as Yitzak in the first two productions of HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH.

We started working on KINGDOM OF HEAVEN a little less than a year ago.

I had no idea what a Drag King was.
I didn’t know that they even existed.
How is that possible?

I kept calling them Man Kings.
I guess that sort of works.
Anyway, I know who they are now!

So, I was hired to create this role. I am playing the Drag King. Well, it doesn’t start out that way, of course.

My character MJ is asked by one of her friends to open for a group called “Drag Kingdom.” She is, of course, very hesitant to take the gig, especially since she’s only done high school musicals and sung in church, and because . . . well, hanging out with girls performing as boys?! But something inside prompts her to say yes.

Through the process of rehearsing and performing, she remembers . . .
She remembers that there is a part of herself that she has kept hidden for years.

That part of herself? Her masculine side. She realizes that she needs to be able to express that side of herself in order to feel completely human.


I’m not going to give the whole story here.
I just wanted to sort of lay it out.

What I want to say is this:
I love MJ and all of the characters in this play.
They’re all spiritual, broken, battered, loving, kind, searching . . .

What I love about KINGDOM OF HEAVEN?

I love that it explores a difficult subject matter without bashing people or religion.

I love that we get to see these very devout Mormons struggle, and love, and listen.

It’s not common these days, to see or read or hear much that is positive about the LDS Church and its attempts to maneuver through the ever-changing stances and openness of its members.

I must clarify; I am not a Mormon. But MJ is.

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN paints Mormons in a fairly good light.
I thinks it’s about time.

Don’ get me wrong, there are so many of the church’s policies that I take firm issue with, but I just like that we get to look at them through a different lens in this particular play.

Wow, I didn’t know that is what I was going to write, but there it is.

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN (book & lyrics by Jenifer Nii, music & lyrics by David Evanoff), the first original musical in Plan-B’s 25-year history, receives its world premiere March 31-April 10. Click here for tickets and more information.

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