Playwright Julie Jensen on CHRISTMAS WITH MISFITS (2014/15 Season, Show #2)

Julie Jensen is Utah’s most produced playwright nationwide. We at Plan-B are thrilled to offer her new play, CHRISTMAS WITH MISFITS, its world premiere December 11-21 as Show #2 of the 2014/15 season. We previously produced her play SHE WAS MY BROTHER during our 2010/11 season.

Christmas bothers me; it always has.  I never fit well in the groups it’s meant for.  And so I have for a number of years, been haunted by other people who just don’t fit in either, who don’t take to the world of Christmas excess. I feel embarrassed for them, for myself, I guess.

And so CHRISTMAS WITH MISFITS is just that: spending Christmas with a bunch of people who don’t fit that Dickens, Santa, and Coca Cola stereotype. In the process, we might come to a larger understanding of the world and just maybe this holiday that makes me so uncomfortable.

CHRISTMAS WITH MISFITS is four short darkly comic plays, performed by three very funny folks – Kirt Bateman, Colleen Baum and Jeanette Puhich, and directed by Cheryl Ann Cluff.

THE GIRL AND THE ELF.  A seven-year-old girl knows she’s found the only real, true elf in the Macy’s Christmas window.  So she brings him home.

HIM AND HER ON CHRISTMAS EVE.  An adolescent boy and an adolescent girl, both gay and both geeks, give each other sex for Christmas.  Could you say they were underwhelmed by the experience?

THE BABY JESUS COLLECTION.  What’s man to do who has one thousand one hundred and twenty-nine examples of the infant Jesus, all stuck to a board?  He joins the ladies selling crafts at the Christmas bazaar.

CHRISTMAS IN MEADOWS MANOR.  With little in common but their mutual dislike of the holiday, a man and a woman in an old folks home, remember the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” and enjoy tequila straight up.

CHRISTMAS WITH MISFITS receives its world premiere December 11-21. Click here for more information and season and single tickets.

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