Part of our 2021, 30th anniversary,  COVID-19-Aware, Zoom-Rehearsed, Remotely Recorded, Audio-Only, Fully-Virtual Subscription Series.

If LOCAL COLOR were a film, it would be rated R; if it were a TV show, it would be rated MA.


"DoLs" by Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin (14 minutes)
September 1984  |  Wyman Park in East Baltimore

"Guise" by Chris Curlett (19 minutes)
The present  |  A university locker room

"Suicide Box" by Tatiana Christian (11 minutes)
The near future  |  An apartment, office, and park in a large metropolitan area

"Organic" by Tito Livas (10 minutes)
The present  |  Two not-impressive-but-not-unimpressive homes: one in anywhere suburbia, the other in New York City

LOCAL COLOR was rehearsed via Zoom in 13 homes across Salt Lake City. At no point was an actor asked to leave their home. Vocal tracks were recorded on Tascam lav mic recorders fashioned into home recording studios, thanks to the genius of David Evanoff. Vocal tracks were recorded independently and simultaneously. Audio files were uploaded to Google Drive from mini-SD cards, transferred to Dropbox, synced by Dave, merged with Cheryl Ann Cluff's sound design files, followed by some focused listening, more upload-download-upload, a bit of re-recording, and a whole lotta mastering. The result is what you are about to hear!


Playwright Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin
Adriane Darby Mest
Julie Katie Jones Nall
Heidi Yolanda Stange*

 Chris Curlett
Brett Tyler Fox
Rick Brian Kocherhans
Joey Lonzo Liggins

"Suicide Box"
Playwright Tatiana Christian
Lilly Kandyce Marie
Tethered Lilly/Naima Darby Mest
Caller #1 Katie Jones Nall
Caller #2 Carlos Nobleza Posas
Manager/Protester Yolanda Stange*

Tito Livas
Philip Tyler Fox
Joe Lonzo Liggins
Michael Carlos Nobleza Posas

Director Jerry Rapier^
Sound Designer Cheryl Ann Cluff

Graphic Designer Aaron Swenson
Mic Technique Coach Jay Perry
Sound Engineer David Evanoff

*Appearing through a Media Agreement with Actors' Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States. ^Member, Stage Directors & Choreographers Society.

Plan-B Theatre is an Associate Member of the National New Play Network.


Artistic Director Jerry Rapier
Managing Director Cheryl Ann Cluff
Education Coordinator Sharah Meservy
Interim Education Coordinator Sam Allen


President Benjamin Brown
Trustee Rebecca Chavez-Houck

Managing Director Cheryl Ann Cluff
Treasurer Chris Curlett

Trustee Lily Hye Soo Dixon
Trustee Jesse Nix

Artistic Director Jerry Rapier
Trustee Melissa Salguero
Secretary Kay Shean

Trustee Paul Tew



Huge thanks to Olivia Custodio, Bijan Hosseini, Brandan Ngo, Iris Salazar, Darryl Stamp, and especially to the inestimable Julie Jensen.





is a member of Plan-B's Theatre Artists of Color Writing Workshop and hopes to build a playwriting career in Salt Lake City (and eventually beyond). "Suicide Box" is their first play. Their second play, "Space Cats," was commissioned by Plan-B for the national Play At Home initiative and can be found on Plan-B's app and performed at home or with friends!


is a member of Plan-B's Theatre Artists of Color Writing Workshop and Board of Trustees. "Guise" is his first play. He has been performing professionally for 20 years. As a teen, he got his start as a professional dancer and singer opening for major acts, arena shows, regional events, and working with major companies such as Disney. He landed in Los Angeles to continue to commercially dance while attending AMDA to train in musical theatre, Shakespeare, film, and dance. He has been fortunate enough to land commercials, streaming series, and professional theatre work since moving to Utah. Chris recently completed his Master’s in Social Work, is certified in clinical therapy, and working with diverse child and family populations.


is a singer, actor, director, producer, and playwright. She has created roles in many Plan-B Theatre world premieres and is a member of the company's Theatre Artists of Color Writing Workshop. Her play "Aphasia" was commissioned by Plan-B as part of the national Play at Home initiative. "DoLs," Dee-Dee's first play, was first seen as a Script-In-Hand Series reading. deedeedarbyduffin.com


has written three short plays, including "Organic," as a member of Plan-B's Theatre Artists of Color Writing Workshop. An actor residing in Salt Lake City with his husband and three-year-old son, he is constantly educating his child on the benefits of the creatures we find outside which led to writing "Shine A Light," a play about a little boy who learns about the important role insects play in our world, commissioned by Plan-B for Play at Home. When he's not tending to the garden or his animals, you'll most likely find him somewhere in the mountains with his family, or on set. Professionally he has performed with such companies as Walt Disney World, Princess Cruises, Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Pioneer Theatre Company, Salt Lake Acting Company, Plan-B Theatre, and The Public Theater, as well in several national commercials and in Lifetime and Hallmark films.


has been Plan-B's Artistic Director since 2000. He is Nisei and the first person of color to lead a professional arts organization in Utah history. Jerry has directed Utah's first world premieres by an Asian playwright (WALLACE, comprised of "Fire!" by Jenifer Nii and "Where I Come From" by Debora Threedy, 2010), a Black playwright (MAMA by Carleton Bluford, 2015), and Latina and Persian playwrights (...OF COLOR, comprised of "Drivers License, Please" by Olivia Custodio, "The Frailest Thing" by Bijan Hosseini, "American Pride" by Iris Salazar," and "Roar" by Darryl Stamp, 2019), all at Plan-B. Jerry and Kirt, his husband of more than 25 years, are the proud parents of eight-year-old Oscar.


co-founded Plan-B in 1991 and has served as Managing Director since 1995. She has designed sound for nearly every Plan-B production since 2000, including Julie Jensen's P.G. ANON earlier this season, which she also directed.

Top left to right: Carlos Nobleza Posas, Tyler Fox, Darby Mest, Katie Jones Nall.

ACTOR TYLER FOX (Brett, "Guise" & Philip, "Organic")

is a Salt Lake City-based actor who has been privileged to work with such companies as Plan-B, Sackerson, SONDERImmersive, Wasatch, and An Other. He is excited to share his art in a year when it's desperately needed.

ACTOR BRIAN KOCHERANS (Rick, "Guise" & Hot Guy, "Organic")

(he/him) is beyond delighted to be working with Plan-B on this project. Born and raised in Orem, Utah, he earned a degree in theater from UVU. Favorite credits include NEXT FALL and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (An Other). Brian would like to thank Chris and Jerry for this wonderful opportunity.

ACTOR LONZO LIGGINS (Joey, "Guise" & Joe, "Organic")

is excited to be in his first Plan-B production after having performed in several readings for the company. He has been active in theatre and film in Utah for many years and has been a lead in many films and plays. His most recent theatre credits include WAIT UNTIL DARK (Hale Centre Theatre, Sandy) and A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (Grand Theatre).

ACTOR KANDYCE MARIE (Lilly, "Suicide Box" & audio version of the digiPlaybill)

is thrilled to make her Plan-B debut. Some of her other credits include AIDA (China Tour, Nederlander Worldwide), LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS and HAIR (Egyptian Theatre), RAGTIME (Sandy Amphitheater), SHOUT! THE MOD MUSICAL (Norwegian Productions), NEWSIES (Hale Centre Theatre, Sandy). Kandyce also traveled many parts of the world as a Production Cast Principal on Norwegian Cruise Lines. "All my love to my littles. Mommy loves you!"


Top left to right: Kandyce Marie, Brian Kocherans, Yolanda Stange, Lonzo Liggins

ACTOR DARBY MEST (Adriane, "DoLs" & Tethered Lilly/Naima, "Suicide Box")

was last seen in ROSE EXPOSED: I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND, representing Plan-B singing "Isolation Lullaby," an original duet she co-wrote and performed with her mom Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin. Her other Plan-B credits include Jenny Kokai's "Reacting to Myself in an Apocalypse!!!!!" as part of RADIO SLAM and the Free Elementary School Tour of Morag Shepherd's FLORA MEETS A BEE.

ACTOR KATIE JONES NALL (Julie, "DoLs" & Caller #1, "Suicide Box")

is excited to return to Plan-B Theatre, having previously appeared in the Free Elementary School Tour of ZOMBIE THOUGHTS. She has been with "DoLs" since it's very first reading two years ago! She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Musical Theatre from Weber State University. She thanks everyone that has always supported her and believed in her. She also wants to thank Plan-B for always being professional and amazing to work with! Katie is honored to be part of Jann Haworth's Utah Women 2020 mural.

Actor CARLOS NOBLEZA POSAS (Michael, "Organic" & Caller #2, "Suicide Box")

was last seen at Plan-B in "American Pride" by Iris Salazar and "Drivers License, Please" by Olivia Custodio as part of ...OF COLOR. Of Honduran and Filipino descent, he lives truthfully under imaginary circumstances - and sometimes real ones. Other recent credits include COLD STORAGE (Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival), and MACBETH (Creekside Theatre Festival. He owes his machismo to his father, his werpa to his mother, and his life in the Intermountain West to his wife. LOCAL COLOR marks Carlos' first foray into audio drama, so go easy on him.

ACTOR YOLANDA STANGE* (Heidi, "DoLs" & Manager/Protester, "Suicide Box")

"Hello Theatregoerslisteners! I could not be more excited to participate in these LOCAL COLOR audio plays, a first for me. But that’s why I love working with Plan-B…the challenge! From the audition process, to workshopping new plays, to my first Plan-B roles in ...OF COLOR, I’ve been able to grow as an artist and, more importantly, I’ve seen how the community has grown from the dialogue created by watching these plays. So thank you for also watching me in the world premiere of ODA MIGHT, or any of the other talented artists in any Plan-B production: we can’t do it without YOU."