MaryBeth Jarvis Clark is a $1,000 donor to Plan-B Theatre!

MaryBeth Jarvis Clark

MaryBeth Jarvis Clark

This is a re-post from December, 3, 2013, when it was posted as part of #GivingTuesday but seemed perfect to share with you today as part of #LoveUTGiveUT.  MaryBeth Jarvis Clark is a Plan-B subscriber and $1,000 donor.

I have a long list of reasons for supporting Plan-B Theatre Company: local playwrights, national exposure, topics I think I know a lot about, topics that seem totally new to me, top-notch actors and directors, professional productions on a shoestring budget, bargain prices, intimate performance space, taking an anti-bullying message to schoolkids.

Currently #1 on that list: Plan-B Theatre Company has given me an awesome social life.

That’s right. I used to sit at home, sad and lonely. Then I started going to Plan-B Theatre productions, and now I’m out almost every night, I have interesting things to talk about at parties, I chat people up on the street, I have Jerry Rapier’s cell phone number, and I’m in demand as a guest blogger.

All this can be yours. You just need to like Plan-B on Facebook or buy a ticket to a show. Suddenly you will be in the know, a recipient of informative and enticing messages about Plan-B productions.

You’ll rekindle an old friendship with a pal who’s always wanted a theatre partner. You’ll spot people in the audience at Plan-B shows who you know from work, school, community organizations. You’ll run into them later at other functions and talk about what a fantastic show that was at Plan-B.

You’ll want to become a season subscriber, never to be shut out of a sold-out run again. You’ll be so impressed by what you see at Plan-B that you’ll want to become a supporter, proud to see your name printed in the list of donors.

Attend a full season or two, and you’ll start recognizing actors and playwrights. You’ll start saying hello to them, and they will say hello back, pleased that you recognized them and stopped to say something. You’ll find out what they’re doing next and be sure to go see their upcoming work.

Your Plan-B habit may lead you to other theatre companies. You’ll have the confidence to vote in all the annual “best of the arts” competitions because you will actually have seen everything.

One day, you’ll get an e-mail from Jerry Rapier, inviting you to be a table captain at Plan-B’s annual preview/fund-raising breakfast. A few months later, he’ll ask you to write something for Plan-B’s blog. And the transformation will be complete — Plan-B Theatre Company has made you cool.

What are you waiting for?

Click here to donate $10 to Plan-B Theatre by 11:59pm on Thursday, March 20 (today!) and help us win $5,000 as part of #LoveUTGiveUT.  What matters most is the number of donors, not the amount given.  #ArtMatters #GetYourGiveOn

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