BoaTSBASED ON A TRUE STORY by Elaine Jarvik receives its world premiere February 25-March 6, 2016 featuring Colleen Baum, Jason Bowcutt, Mark Fossen and Nell Gwynn, directed by Cheryl Cluff. 

The tiny seed for this play was a photo that my friend Andra Harbold sent me several years ago of a woman wearing aviator goggles. Write a play, she said. And so I began to think about the woman. Where was she going? And why? And the more I thought about her, the more I wondered why she wasconsumed by so many doubts. And I wondered what she looked to for comfort. By then, of course, I was talking about myself.

I wondered what would happen if a worried person could travel to the future to see how her life turned out. I wondered why I can sit every Sunday in the church I attend and never be convinced of the big story everyone else believes. So this play is a journey about time and faith, a play where I’m trying to work those questions out.

I’ve been fascinated with the notion of time travel ever since reading Robert Silverberg’s “Up the Line” several decades ago. His journeys were to the past, as most time travel fiction is. But I preferred thinking about what would happen if you ended up in the future, caught in a time that wasn’t your own, a refugee of sorts. Of course we’re all trapped in the time we live in, and I wanted to explore that too.

BASED ON TRUE STORYI’m excited to see this play come to life under the imaginative direction of Cheryl Cluff. And I’m so lucky to have these four actors: Nell Gwynn as Megan, Mark Fossen as her husband Hendrix, Jason Bowcutt as Chuck and Colleen Baum as . . . well, come see.

Elaine Jarvik’s play MARRY CHRISTMAS premiered last season at Plan-B as a benefit for Restore Our Humanity, Her other plays include DEAD RIGHT, which premiered at the Humana Festival of New Plays; TWO STORIES and [a man enters], both of which premiered at Salt Lake Acting Company; THE COMING ICE AGE, which premiered at PYGmalion Theatre Company; and NOT QUITE RIGHT, which premiered at Teatro Paraguas. As a journalist she has won national writing awards as a reporter for the Deseret News; she currently freelances. Click here for more info on BASED ON A TRUE STORY, including tickets (single and season)!

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