These past months we have weighed the reality of Covid-19 and its impact on our budget. We considered your safety. We considered the safety of each artist we work with. We were informed that social distancing requirements dropped the capacity of our performance space to zero. We were overwhelmed, as many of you have been.

But then we started thinking about our 25 years of experience creating radio drama in its various forms. And we realized that the best way to celebrate this, our 30th anniversary, is to offer you the first-ever, audio-only, subscription series in Utah history: a feast for your ears to safely stream at home or in the car. Each world premiere will stream as an audio drama on our website and on our free app. Your confirmation email for this order will also contain the links you will need.

Each show would be rated PG-13 as a film or TV-14 as a television show.

To subscribe, simply select the box underneath each show description. If you wish to add on a tax-deductible donation, simply click the donation image after you have added your subscription(s) to your shopping cart. Gifts of any size may just matter more now than they ever have. Once you’ve added items to your cart, it will (counterintuitively) appear at the top of the screen – look for the blue View Cart button!

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Click here if you would rather purchase tickets to an individual production.

You may also call 801.297.4200 to give, subscribe, or purchase individual tickets!

“P.G. ANON” by Julie Jensen *

A tale of fear, fury, and reproduction from Utah’s most produced playwright, in partnership with Planned Parenthood Association of Utah. Based on real-life events. Featuring Latoya Cameron*, Lily Hye Soo Dixon, Emilie Evanoff, April Fossen, Tamara Howell, Tracie Merrill*, and Sydney Shoell. Sound engineered by David Evanoff. Directed by Cheryl Cluff (also sound design). From the author of SHE WAS MY BROTHER and CHRISTMAS WITH MISFITS.

“ART & CLASS” by Matthew Ivan Bennett *

A Latina art teacher fights for her job and reputation in Northern Utah after she’s accused of showing “pornography” to a sixth-grade class. Based on real-life events. Featuring Aaron Adams, Flo Bravo, Roger Dunbar, and Stephanie Howell*. Sound designed by Cheryl Cluff. Sound engineered by David Evanoff. Directed by Jerry Rapier. From the author of RADIO HOUR, BLOCK 8, DI ESPERIENZA, MESA VERDE, ERIC(A), DIFFERENT=AMAZING and A/VERSION OF EVENTS.

“LOCAL COLOR” by Tatiana Christian, Chris Curlett, Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin, Tito Livas *

Short plays from the Theatre Artists of Color Writing Workshop: DoLs by Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin (a comedy about becoming fast friends in the most awkward situation imaginable); GUISE by Chris Curlett (a dramedy about [re]defining masculinity); ORGANIC by Tito Livas (a dark comedy about love, perception and Grindr); and SUCIDE BOX by Tatiana Christian (an even darker comedy about the deadly side of customer service). Part of Utah’s Thrive125 Statehood Celebration. Featuring Tyler Fox, Brian Kocherhans, Lonzo Liggins, Kandyce Marie, Darby Mest, Katie Jones Nall, Carlos Nobleza Posas, and Yolanda Stange*. Sound design by Cheryl Cluff. Directed by Jerry Rapier.

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