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We are equally committed to the safety of patrons and artists.

Due to the intimate and unique nature of the Studio Theatre, the following COVID-19 protocols are in place through June 19, 2022.

Proof of vaccination (including booster) – a photo of your vaccination card or Docket are acceptable – and well-fitting, worn-over-your-nose, KN95 or N95 masks are required. Masks must be worn from the time you enter the Rose Wagner until you exit. We will happily supply you with a mask!

All members of the Casts and Creative Teams are fully vaccinated (including boosters) and tested weekly.

All members of the Creative and Front-of-House Teams will be masked at all times. Casts will be masked except when performing.

Seating is limited to 32 seats per performance (50% capacity). Seating is on three sides of the stage in sets of four seats. Each seat is a minimum of 6′ from the action onstage at all times.

Our HEPA filter, designed for 3,700 square feet, is in use the entire time anyone is in the 1,938 square foot Studio Theatre. We named her Phyllis. She’s silent and filters to .01 microns.

No food or drink permitted.

All members of the Cast, Creative, and Front-of-House Teams will conduct daily symptom and temperature checks before arriving at the Rose Wagner. We ask that you do the same. If you are sick, stay home and we will exchange your tickets into the streaming option!

The Rose Wagner box office is quite small, making social distancing difficult. We will therefore email you Print At Home tickets! Click here to download our free App where you can house your tickets (actually all tickets you purchase through ArtTix will show up here!) and read the Digital Playbill when it’s published.

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MESTIZA, or MIXED by Melissa Leilani Larson *

Lark Timon is no stranger to failure as it looms large in her filmmaking career. Plagued by debt and professional disappointment, she chances upon a potentially career-changing opportunity only to be confronted by questions about her art, her family, and her identity as a queer mestiza.

Featuring Joy Asiado, Rebecca Burroughs, Lily Hye Soo Dixon, April Fossen, and Carlos Nobleza Posas.

Designed by Emma Belnap (lighting), Iris Salazar (set), Cheryl Ann Cluff (sound), Arika Schockmel (props), and Aaron Swenson (costumes). Stage managed by David Knoell. Show art by Avery Franklin. Directed by Jerry Rapier.


Content advisory: Content Advisory: MESTIZA, or MIXED frankly discusses issues of race and portrays the impact of a hate crime.

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