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Welcome to our new season subverting classic literature.

Salt Lake Magazine’s Best of the Beehive 2023: “At Plan-B’s core are local playwrights and theatre professionals, helmed by Artistic Director Jerry Rapier, who embrace progressivism, inclusion, diversity and equality. Plan-B also has a delightfully subversive streak that challenges expectations, power and the status quo.”

New York-based Honor Roll! Honors 2023: Artistic Director Jerry Rapier and Managing Director Cheryl Ann Cluff received Individual Achievement Awards for their commitment to producing plays by women+ over the age of 40 (32 over the past 15 years).

1. Thank you for your work with us during the 2022/23 Season. As a small thank you, we offer you a Free Artist Subscription!

2. Please select your dates for BALTHAZAR by Debora Threedy (a riff on Shakespeare’s THE MERCHANT OF VENICE), and BITTER LEMON by Melissa Leilani Larson (a riff on Shakespeare’s MACBETH).

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“BALTHAZAR” by Debora Threedy in the Studio Theatre

What if Portia’s appearance as a male lawyer in court wasn’t the first—or last—time she dressed in drag? // Portia is a noblewoman in 16th century Venice. She wants to be a lawyer, but that profession is reserved for men. Her cousin Bellario, a doctor of law, won’t teach her. Her husband Bassanio is in serious legal trouble … and he’s in love with his best friend Antonio. Things are not going well. What’s a girl to do? // 1. Create an alter ego (enter Balthazar). 2. Trick Bellario. 3. Represent Antonio (and Bassanio) in court. // This riff on Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” is a life-and- death journey through the law, love, and gender identity. / Fearturing Jason Bowcutt & Lily Hye Soo Dixon.

“BITTER LEMON” by Melissa Leilani Larson in the Studio Theatre

What if Lady Macduff finally had her say beyond her 19 lines in The Scottish Play? // Finlay Macbeth has done Lady Helen Macduff a terrible wrong. Now they are trapped, alone together, in a purgatorial waiting room. // Sometimes the only escape is forgiving the unforgivable? // This riff on Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” is a life-after-death journey through the strange, the empty, and everything in-between. // Featuring Bobby Cody & Yolanda Stange.

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