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Schedule a performance of ALLI AND #3 by Debora Threedy!

ALLI AND #3 has a run time of 35 mins, which includes a brief introduction and post-show discussion.



ALLI AND #3 is the story of gator named Alli and a heron without a name. They form an unlikely friendship as they follow a thinning river in search of a new home. A tale of fishing and friendship created specifically for grades K-3.

After experiencing ALLI AND #3, students will understand how human activity impacts the natural world and that living things must adapt and/or migrate to survive. Students will be able to:
1) explain the difference between weather and climate,
2) explain the greenhouse effect, demonstrate understanding that it is a natural event made worse by carbon emissions from human activity, and suggest positive actions that can be taken to reduce greenhouse gases,
3) offer examples of different types of habitats and organisms found in those habitats,
4) offer examples of animals adapting and/or migrating to survive adverse circumstances, and
5) understand how cooperation can lead to solutions to problems that would be impossible to achieve individually.

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