Free Elementary School Tour (Live Performance)


To request a free performance of EllaMental by Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin for your school, please select your region from the drop-down menu below, select a date/time, then click the Proceed to Confirmation button.

If you would like to request a time that isn’t listed, please choose the nearest available block and specify your preferred time in the additional notes box. EllaMental runs 45 minutes, including a pre- and post-show discussion.

What We Need: If you have a stage, we’re happy to use it, but if not we’ll need about 15′ deep by 17′ wide of performance space with a gap of at least 6′ between this space and the audience. We will also need:

  • two adult-size chairs with no arms to use onstage.
  • somewhere for our actors to change before and after.
  • a table set up near an outlet for our sound system.
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Created specifically for grades 4-6, EllaMental centers on Ella, a Black, twelve-year-old sixth-grader struggling to make sense of her Big Feelings from the pandemic—grief, loss, fear, and anger—in a post-COVID world.

EllaMental engages students in an accessible, real-time, comforting conversation, one as barrier-free as possible, one that instantly invites students to live inside the play rather than searching for a way in. Instructive without feeling preachy,

EllaMental provides a much more chill experience than students in grades 4-6 might expect: one that is natural, aspirational, and even inspirational.


Fine Arts Core Standards are integrated into the script and the low-prep, pre-and-post-assembly classroom activities provided via this study guide, which also tie into Core Standards in Language Arts, Social Studies, and Health Education, as well as SEL Outcomes.


After experiencing EllaMental students will:

  • understand and empathize with peers who are coping with stress and change.
  • discuss and reflect upon current events and their impact on individual lives.
  • gain awareness of mental health and related stigma.
  • develop skills for coping with difficult emotions.
  • understand dramatic texts, including character development and plot.
  • use theatre and interactive activities to explore and express emotions.


Please email Education Coordinator Sharah Meservy.