Playwriting with young people

online professional development course

A free, self-guided course designed to equip K-6 educators
with the tools to integrate playwriting into their teaching

Looking for new ways to get your students excited about writing? Need more fine arts activities for your classroom? Want a fun way to earn re-licensure points? This course will bring out your creative side while allowing you to learn at your own pace. Master playwright Julie Jensen's curriculum is accessible, flexible, and designed to spark the imagination. Whether you have no theatre background or you're an experienced drama specialist, Playwriting With Young People will give you ideas and lesson plans ready for immediate use in your classroom.

Please complete the registration form below.  Please email Education Coordinator Sharah Meservy for more information.

What teachers are saying about this course

"Each module has different short sections, so it was easy to fit into my busy schedule."

Stephanie Mercer
5th grade teacher

Davis School District

“I didn't know much about theater with young students before doing this course. It's given me ideas I can implement with my own students.”

Teresa Lees
special education teacher

Alpine School District

"I have taken many Canvas courses this year, and this has been by far the most enjoyable."

Samuel Milianta
first grade teacher

Canyons School District

“I really appreciate the structure of this curriculum. As an elementary Drama teacher, I have done all of these things at various points in time, but this fills in my gaps and links things together. I love this curriculum, and I'm super glad I took this course!”

Amelia Dunlap
drama teacher

Provo City School District

“As a Spanish immersion teacher, I can really see how this will be helpful for students in acquiring language! At the end of the year we have a Spanish language fair and I think this would be a fun project for them to create their own short play to perform for each other!”

Heidi Ceballos
fourth grade teacher

Granite School District

"This course motivates me to incorporate theater more into my classroom and I am excited to start!"

Tonya Burgess
first grade teacher
Jordan School District