Rachel Bublitz returns to Plan-B, premiering her short play THE FINAL DEBATE as part of ROSE EXPOSED: BREAKING NEWS on August 25. Most recently, she premiered her monologues “Blue” and “Red“ as part of Plan-B’s (IN)DIVISIBLE and CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS for YouthTheatre at Park City’s Egyptian Theatre.

Whenever I write something with a theme I try and list as many different ideas that could work with the theme as possible. This is a list with as few as ten-ish ideas but sometimes as many as 100. What I really appreciated as an artist when tackling the theme “Breaking News” was how layered it was. “Breaking News” could mean up-to-the-minute information on huge events happening locally and globally, but it can also be a small and personal event; essential information being passed from one human to another, often with the connotation of not being the best news.

I knew I wanted to write a short play that was something huge and something small; something global and something deeply personal. Writing a play dealing with school gun violence  wasn’t the first idea on my list, but once it was listed in my notebook I knew I had to try it.

THE FINAL DEBATE is one of the most emotionally taxing plays I’ve written. It uses “Breaking News” in both the intimate and public senses, while also (hopefully) being a piece of theater that makes you laugh, makes you think, and maybe cry. I know it made me cry all through writing the first draft. I have two children, and sending them back to their school after one of these horrifying events is always painful, and so forcing myself into that headspace in order to write was distressing to say the least.

Since that draft I was lucky enough to have input from some incredibly smart people, and through talks with my director [Jenny Kokai] and the artistic director at Plan-B [Jerry Rapier], and a read through and chat with the actors [Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin, Katie Jones Nall & Isabella Reeder], I was able to fine tune THE FINAL DEBATE into something I’m so proud to share.

ROSE EXPOSED: BREAKING NEWS on Saturday, August 25 at 8pm is music from Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation and new short works from us as well as PYGmalion Theatre Company, SB Dance, Repertory Dance Theatre & Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company! Click here for tickets and more information. This year Plan-B is represented by the world premiere of Rachel Bublitz‘s 10-minute play THE FINAL DEBATE.

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