World Premiere by Matthew Ivan Bennett
October 30, 2015

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RADIO HOUR returns to the RadioWest studio where it began a decade ago! Doug Fabrizio becomes another kind of host when he interviews Dr. Arlen Childs (Jay Perry), the author of a new book on paranormal activity, a la THE WAR OF THE WORLDS. It’s not real. Or is it?

Original music by David Evanoff, directed by Cheryl Cluff.


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Dr. Arlen ChildsDr. Arlen Childs is the best-selling author of The Return: Reclaiming Your Birthright in the Otherwhere. A medical doctor with seven years’ experience in the ER, Dr. Childs began mediating the wisdom of a meta-terrestrial consciousness after a near-death experience. As a speaker for them (the Concordant), Dr. Childs has helped tens of thousands of seekers worldwide. Although he is only a vessel, he is happy to be a part of the greatest spiritual movement in the United States since Mormonism.

From playwright Matthew Ivan Bennett
The Utah Review (live blog and review)


Cheryl Cluff on her love of radio (audio) drama as she preps for RADIO HOUR EPISODE 8: FAIRYANA

Cheryl Cluff co-founded Plan-B in 1991 and is the company’s Managing Director.  She has directed all of Plan-B’s RADIO HOURs, MESA VERDE, THE SCARLET LETTER and SUFFRAGE and has  designed sound for nearly every Plan-B production since 2000. As we prepare for RADIO HOUR EPISODE 8: FAIRYANA next week, I’m delighted to see a bit of a surge in the popularity of radio drama, or audio drama, as people are calling it now, with the cult-like popularity of podcasts like Welcome to Night Vale. The internet has made radio drama much more accessible and easier to produce and that’s a great thing. I found an interesting article recently, “Internet Saved the Radio Star: The Rise of Podcast Drama” by Sean Bell. This quote caught my attention: “Whether we’re driving to work, eating dinner, lying in bed in the darkness . . . we can surround ourselves with stories, and thrill to hear voices even when no one’s there.” However, very few theatres are doing live radio drama with a “studio audience” and also broadcasting live at the same time. There’s a certain magic that happens when you put those two elements (live audience and live broadcast) together. Support from KUER and Doug Fabrizio has been critical and I’m so thankful RadioWest has been our partner on RADIO HOUR since 2005. I love that RADIO HOUR has remained so popular over the years and that people value coming to see the live performance. Listening at home is fun, but being a part of the “live studio audience” is a blast because you get to see how the live sound effects are...

Eric Samuelsen on writing about children's television for radio – RADIO HOUR EPISODE 8: FAIRYANA

Eric Samuelsen has been writing for Plan-B for a decade: seven SLAM plays, two Ibsen translations presented as part of the Script-In-Hand Series (A DOLL HOUSE and GHOSTS) and four world premieres (MIASMA, AMERIGO, BORDERLANDS and NOTHING PERSONAL).  The 2013/14 #SeasonOfEric is fully dedicated to his work. I am a life-long fan of hard-boiled detective fiction: cynical, world-weary cops and private eyes scratching out a living in a tough-as-nails urban environment.  Carroll John Daly started the genre in the 20’s, handed it over to Dashiell Hammett, and on to Raymond Chandler.  But I first encountered it in two writers who I couldn’t get enough of, growing up: Elmore Leonard and Donald E. Westlake.  And Westlake was my favorite of the two. I especially loved Westlake’s Dortmunder novels.  Over the course of fourteen novels, I followed the adventures of John Dortmunder, a small-town New York crook, who was a brilliant planner of capers, but plagued with bad luck.  His gang always included Kelp (who got the stuff they needed) and Murch (the driver), and often included a motley group of sidekicks, including strong man Tiny Bulcher, Judson (the Kid) Blint (utility infielder), Arnie Albright (the fence), and Rollo the Bartender, who ran the OJ Bar just off Amsterdam Avenue, with the back room where all their jobs were planned.  The Dortmunder gang never got caught, but they never made much money either, mostly coming away with about the same scratch they would have had if they’d had honest jobs. I loved everything about these novels.  I loved the wry and cynical commentary on New York life, the amoral world of...

Jerry Rapier on selecting The Season of Eric.

Jerry Rapier has been Producing Director of Plan-B Theatre Company since 2000.  Plan-B, his son Oscar and his husband Kirt are the joys of his life. I have had two of the most rewarding experiences of my creative life directing Eric Samuelsen’s AMERIGO (2010) and BORDERLANDS (2011) for Plan-B.  Eric writes with an enviable ease about Big Ideas – he can be Truthful with a Capital T and Intellectual with a Capital I, yet still guide his audience to a soulful place, a place of passion, a place where a true marriage of truth and intellect is possible – a place where you have no choice but to take pause, reexamine and choose how best to move forward. He has an uncanny ability to identify the gaps in the recorded history of historical figures and address the “What if?” without resorting to straightforward biography. Simply put, he makes the historical personal. So when it came time to select the 2013/14 season, I did what I had been considering for quite some time – I invited Eric to be a resident playwright. And then I did something else I had been considering for quite some time – I asked if Plan-B could stage an entire season of his work. I wanted to celebrate his range as a playwright and let some of that been-under-a-bushel-far-too-long work see the light of day. From there, I asked him what mattered most to him of the dozen or so plays/ideas he had in various stages of completion. Together, we settled on (click on each title for details): NOTHING PERSONAL, RADIO HOUR EPISODE 8: FAIRYANA,...

Radio Hour Episode 8: Fairyana

Radio Hour Episode 8: FairyanaBios A world premiere by Eric Samuelsen December 3, 2013  |  7pm Jeanne Wagner Theatre @ Rose Wagner 138 W 300 S, SLC No late seating Running time 60 minutes, no intermission Click here for 2013/14 Mini Season Subscriptions and/or Single Tickets Click the RadioWest logo below to stream the recording! A holiday show about a holiday show (performed as a radio show) about the writers of a children’s television show possessed by their own characters.  Also broadcast live on KUER’s RadioWest. You are the live studio audience! Featuring Jay Perry, Teresa Sanderson and Jason Tatom.  Original (live) music by Dave Evanoff with (live) foley by Michael Johnson.  Sound engineer Eric Robinette.  Directed by Cheryl Ann Cluff. #SeasonOfEric REVIEWS Salt Lake Magazine  |  Selective Echo  |  SLCene    PRESS Blog Entries  |  Broadway World  |  Cast & Creative Bios & Playwright’s Statement  |  City Weekly  |  Gavin’s Underground  |  KUER  |  Salt Lake Magazine  |  Selective Echo  |  SLcene  |  SLUG Magazine’s Soundwaves from the Underground (podcast – start at 16:21)  |  Standard-Examiner  |  The Salt Lake Tribune  |  UtahTheatreBloggers Who’s Who  |  Playwright’s Statement PLAYWRIGHT ERIC SAMUELSEN has written for Plan-B since 2004, where his plays MIASMA, AMERIGO, BORDERLANDS and NOTHING PERSONAL  received their world premieres.  He has had twenty-five plays produced across the country (most of them in Utah, but also in New York, Louisiana, Idaho and California).  A three-time recipient of the Association for Mormon Letters award for best play, several of his plays have been published by Plan-B and Sunstone.  His Ibsen translations have been produced in Utah, California and elsewhere (including A DOLL...

Bill Allred's dream of being a radio actor is (sort of) fulfilled in RADIO HOUR EPISODE 7: SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE BLUE CARBUNCLE

Bill Allred, best known as co-host of X96’s Radio From Hell Show, has previously appeared in Plan-B’s RADIO HOUR: ALICE and the Script-In-Hand Series readings of STANDING ON CEREMONY: THE GAY MARRIAGE PLAYS and 8 – he has also co-hosted (sometimes with Doug Fabrizio) several installments of AND THE BANNED PLAYED ON. I am absolutely flattered that Plan-B Theatre has asked me back for another go at a radio play. I was in the last one . . . RADIO HOUR: ALICE [in Wonderland] and had a fantastic time. When I was just a wee lad, there were still some daytime radio dramas on the air and I would listen to them with my mother. Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar was one that I remember in particular. Dollar was a hard bitten insurance investigator who managed to keep deadbeats from cheating the insurance company. Johnny was always able to solve the case and romance a dame too. I didn’t want to be Johnny Dollar though; I wanted to be the radio actor who played Johnny Dollar. To this day, I believe that if radio plays had still been produced in the quantity they once were, that would have been my profession . . . Bill Allred, radio actor. I’m excited to play Dr. Watson to Doug Fabrizio’s Sherlock Holmes in Plan-B’s RADIO HOUR EPISODE 7: SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE BLUE CARBUNCLE.  My first memory of Dr. Watson is from the old Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce Sherlock Holmes movies, which, incidentally, were also done on radio. The Dr. Watson from those movies was a foolish, bumbling, comedic character who was...


Doug Fabrizio is best known as the host of KUER’s RadioWest. He has previously appeared in three episodes of Plan-B Theatre Company’s RADIO HOUR: THE HITCHHIKER & ZERO HOUR, LAVENDER & EXILE and FRANKENSTEIN. he has also appeared in Plan-B’s Script-In-Hand Series readings of THE NORMAL HEART and STANDING ON CEREMONY: THE GAY MARRIAGE PLAYS and 8 (as a voice over) and hosted AND THE BANNED PLAYED ON several times, including a few with Bill Allred. As far as I can tell Sherlock Holmes is afraid of only one thing – boredom.  I think this explains the cocaine.  The drug seems to show up in stories when he’s in between cases and trying to fight off lethargy.  So, when he finds a mystery to solve, even one as frivolous as why a precious jewel has ended up in the gullet of a Christmas goose, he jumps for joy and then jumps in. It’s been fun getting to know Sherlock for the Radio Hour but it’s also been something of a challenge.  Conan Doyle describes him as ‘the most perfect reasoning and observing machine that the world has seen.’  But those who played the role well have understood that while he pays scrupulous attention to details, he isn’t so good with people.  He doesn’t have much of a filter or any real social skills.  One description I read said there was something slightly inhuman about Holmes.  So I think to get him right, you have to be completely present and aware of the world around you while being slightly detached from the people inside. You also have to stay one...

Jason Tatom on being the RADIO HOUR newbie

Jason Tatom has previously appeared in Plan-B’s EXPOSED and LADY MACBETH, as well as several SLAMs and the Script-In-Hand Series reading of 8. Hi everybody. I’m Jason, and I’m the new guy. I’ve been lucky enough to work for Plan-B many times, but when it comes to RADIO HOUR, I’m definitely a newbie. I’ve been a fan of RADIO HOUR for a few years now, and always thought how great it would be to get to be a part of these projects one day. Then they stopped. For a little while anyway. One day (during the adrenaline filled 24 hours of this year’s SLAM, come to think of it) I decided to just ask Jerry if I could be a part of any future RADIO HOURs, and was thrilled to find out that the series was coming back. Now, here I am, The new guy. I gotta tell ya, that first read through was a little intimidating. These people have been doing this for some time now, and I just wanted to fit in. Well, maybe “fitting in” was a little optimistic, I was personally trying to not suck. Yeah, not sucking is an alright starting point, I can definitely build on that. I was introduced to radio shows as a young teen. You should understand that I was a pretty awkward young man. Chubby, thick glasses, deathly shy, and not the least bit athletically inclined, so I ended up spending a lot of time by myself listening to the radio. We had a HUGE console radio in our front room. You know, the kind with the 8-track player,...


Matthew Ivan Bennett has premiered RADIO HOUR: LAVENDER & EXILE, RADIO HOUR: FRANKENSTEIN, BLOCK 8, DI ESPERIENZA, RADIO HOUR: ALICE and MESA VERDE with Plan-B Theatre Company.  His play ERIC(A) is also part of the 2012/13 season. Like a lot of kids, I was introduced to radio theatre on family trips. My parents liked to tune into AM radio on long drives and from the back of the station wagon I heard sketch comedy like Nichols and May. Once, on the last day of school in the seventh grade, I think, our administration played Abbot and Costello’s WHO’S ON FIRST? over the PA system and I became obsessed with the sketch. My dad, it turned out, had it on cassette tape (along with THE SHADOW) and at one time I had a long chunk of it memorized. My cousin Nate and I even recorded our own radio shows using a little gray boom box. I vividly remember recording myself one morning after a sleepover saying, “I slept with my socks on last night!” and then laughing hysterically. That was my younger self’s version of a joke. My cousin and I listened to that “joke” over and over. When I was in high school drama, I thought, “I want to be a radio actor.” I told my teacher Russ Johnson and he kindly informed me that there weren’t many radio actors anymore. I was a weird mixture of insecure and confident as a teenaged theatre person: I could act with my voice, but not the rest of my body. So I wanted to do radio. Once I got into college,...

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