RADIO HOUR veterans Jay Perry & Teresa Sanderson on EPISODE 9: GRIMM

Jay Perry & Teresa Sanderson in RADIO HOUR EPISODE 8: FAIRYANA

Jay Perry & Teresa Sanderson have been two of the most familiar faces at Plan-B Theatre over the past decade.  Teresa most recently appeared in 3; Jay most recently appeared in CLEARING BOMBS and both are RADIO HOUR regulars. RADIO HOUR EPISODE 9: GRIMM is Teresa’s seventh episode and Jay’s ninth episode.

Jay Perry: We’re in the middle of rehearsals right now for for RADIO HOUR GRIMM and I’m having the strangest dreams . . . Not only are they incredibly visceral, I’m also experiencing what feels like telepathy.  Last night, I spoke with a friend I haven’t seen in years and I woke, feeling as if we had actually communicated somehow.

his morning I’m having coffee from the the same RADIO HOUR mug I’ve been using since 2005. In these nine years with RADIO HOUR, I’ve realized that my dreams are always more realistic this time of year. I see mysterious places, wildly vivid faces and creatures with magic powers. The landscapes and details stay in my mind for hours, sometimes days. Some never leave my memory at all.

It begins to happen during rehearsal, when hearing becomes more acute and I’m listening closely to the amazing sounds and intonations coming from the actors and the sound effects around me. A world begins to emerge as my mind paints moving pictures, cascading into scenes of real life. These are waking dreams. No wonder, then, that when I’m asleep, it’s as if I’m wide awake . . . and this Wednesday, the radio allows us to share our waking dream, in a sort of electronic telepathy, with anyone who tunes in. Like magic.  Man, I love the radio.

Teresa Sanderson: Grown up people shouldn’t be allowed to have this much fun.Our stage manager Jen brings snacks and gives us breaks. All of these people make me laugh until my cheeks and abs hurt! Standing between Jason Tatom and Jay Perry while they have “awkward sexual exploration” is something I will never forget. Trust me. (There are some things you can’t unsee, or unhear as the case may be.) I have no idea HOW  Colleen keeps her dwarves straight. Oh, yeah AND the Witch Queen who disguises herself three times. And Bill as the Fairy with this preternatural voice. (The playwright Matt’s word not mine!)  It is something to behold folks.

Our director Cheryl makes us work hard and the job is precise. Every single beat timed. It really is nothing to rehearse the same page 18 times.

Today we added microphones, lights, music. Composer Dave Evanoff is a genius. All of our designers are: Jesse giving us light and Eric adjusting and mixing our mics, all being guided by Jen. Dave comes in with alllllll kinds of fun little toys and musical themes that are somehow perfect. AND we get to hear Jay sing. And that theatre, that beautiful theatre. I hear they have sold out the main floor, so have opened the balcony so more of you can join us for the live show on Wednesday. 7:00 sharp.

Matthew Ivan Bennett’s RADIO HOUR EPISODE 9: GRIMM receives its world premiere and opens Plan-B’s 2014/15 Season on October 15. Featuring Bill Allred, Colleen Baum, Teresa Sanderson, Jason Tatom. Original music by Dave Evanoff. Directed by Cheryl Cluff. Click here for more info and tickets.

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