Playwriting with Young People

Learn to create your own play and make finger puppets along the way!

Click here to download the 16-page curriculum along with supporting materials (lesson plans, videos, audio files, and worksheets) in English and Spanish.

K-6 students will meet Core Standards in drama (create, perform/present/produce, respond, and connect). This one-of-a-kind tool strengthens students' writing skills and helps them create and perform their own work. The curriculum is easily adaptable to support any other subject or class project.

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Our eighth annual - and first virtual! - Free Elementary School Tour is a podcast, complete with coloring sheets!

As they embark on the most wonderful/awesome/amazing sleepover in recorded history, nearly-ten-year-old Cass (aka Super Cat) and ten-year-old Ray (aka Reptile Robot) grapple with who gets to call the shots and how to tell someone tickling just isn‘t your thing.

Am interactive tale of boundaries and superheroes.
With a magic remote.
And s'mores.

Available through June 4, 2021.

Students in grades 2-4 will meet Core Standards in drama, mathematics, language arts, science and engineering, social studies and health education.

Intended Learning Outcomes include empowering students to (1) Communicate personal boundaries and respect the personal boundaries of others; (2) Speak up when they are uncomfortable with a social situation; (3) Be sensitive to the discomfort of others by reading body language or other social cues; and (4) Respond respectfully to differences in opinions or preferences, understanding that friends do not always have to like the same things.

Written by Rachel Bublitz. Featuring two casts: Talia Heiss & Melissa Salguero and Tyson Baker & Benjamin Young. Coloring pages designed by Katherine Jelte (layout by Aaron Swenson). Sound design by Cheryl Ann Cluff. Recorded by Dave Evanoff. Directed by Jerry Rapier.

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Radio Slam


Students in grades 6-12: creating your own audio play is an effective, innovative, isolation-friendly and boredom-fighting way to approach and explore any subject or element of the Core Standards.

Click here to download our free app to listen to all four episodes of RADIO SLAM under the Listen tab, where you'll also find our downloadable "How-To” Guide that will help students in grades 6-12 create their own audio drama (be sure to listen to the two bonus episodes by middle-school students from Rowland Hall-St. Mark's, created using our guide)!


Full performances - accompanied by study guides - of our Free Elementary School Tours are available to stream

Available on Salt Lake City Public Library's Biblioboard

FLORA MEETS A BEE by Morag Shepherd (2019/20) is the story of eight-year-old Flora, who has lived in six foster homes since the age of five. One day Flora meets Bee and their budding friendship changes everything. Bee understands Flora no matter what language she speaks or how much she avoids sharing her true feelings. Flora sees the kindness just below the surface of Bee’s rough, worker-bee exterior that most people may not take the time to see. FYI there are three FLORA MEETS A BEE videos: both casts plus a read-along video to accompany the downloadable picture book we created with the Tour was cut short due to COVID-19. For grades K-3. Core Standards in reading, writing, science, social studies, and human development.

ZOMBIE THOUGHTS by Jenny Kokai & Oliver Kokai-Means (2018/19) is the story of Sam and Pig, avatars in a video game. Sam is anxious. Pig is punny. Will the audience be able to help them make the right choices on their quest to defeat the evil Machine? A sometimes touching, sometimes hilarious journey in, around and through anxiety. For grades 4-6: Core Standards in drama, mental and emotional health, reading, and writing.

RIVER.SWAMP.CAVE.MOUNTAIN. by Elaine Jarvik (2017/18) is the story of five-year-old JJ (who has lots of questions) and eight-year-old Izzy (a know-it-all who doesn’t know it all), siblings who have recently lost their grandmother. They embark on a funny and touching hero’s journey to try to make sense of loss, grief, death and life. For grades K-3. Core Standards in drama, mental and emotional health, reading, writing, and social studies.

THE EDIBLE COMPLEX by Melissa Leilani Larson (2016/17) is a comedy about ten-year-old Anna, who dreams of being a chef. She is also becoming aware of how her body is different from others at school. So, one day she decides to stop eating, but it’s hard to ignore your Food when it starts talking to you! For grades 4-6. Core Standards in drama, mental and emotional health, nutrition, and human development.

RUFF! by Jenifer Nii (2015/16) is a metaphorical “tail” of two shelter dogs. Axel (a shelter regular played by Tyson Baker) and Buddy (a shelter novice played by Latoya Rhodes). Together they discover what’s possible when dogs and their people learn to see past stereotypes and summon the courage to be the best they can be. For grades K-3. Core Standards in drama, social studies, science, healthy foundations, reading, and writing.

DIFFERENT=AMAZING by Matthew Ivan Bennett (Spring and Fall 2014) is drawn from real-life bullying experiences of elementary students, including students from Salt Lake City and Davis School Districts. The goal is to provide students with the tools to identify, address and hopefully prevent bullying in their own schools. For grades 4-6. Core Standards in drama, language arts and health education.

PRESENTING: SUPER CAT AND REPTILE ROBOT, RADIO SLAM, PLAYWRITING WITH YOUNG PEOPLE, and a series of videos on how to create theatre at home are also available on Biblioboard.