Free readings of plays-in-progress

Wednesday, April 3, 7pm
by Debora Threedy
directed by Jamie Rocha-Allan
read by Kirt Bateman, Nicki Nixon
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What if Portia’s appearance in court dressed as a man in Shakespeare’s THE MERCHANT OF VENICE was not the first time she’d cross-dressed? An exploration of gender, gender rebels and the nature of desire.

From the author of THE END OF THE HORIZON (2008), WALLACE (co-written with Jenifer Nii, 2010), THE THIRD CROSSING (2012) and ONE BIG UNION (2016).

“Guise” by Chris Curlett & “DoLs” by Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin –
read as part of the Edward Lewis Theatre Festival
City Library (Main Branch, Nancy Tessman Auditorium)

Sunday, February 10, 2pm
directed by Jerry Rapier
read by Tyler Fox, Tristan Johnson, Brian Kocherhans, Darby Mest, Katie Jones Nall, Yolanda Stange
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In “Guise,” two friends explore what it means to be a man in today’s world. And in “DoLs,” two nerdy girls become fast friends in the most awkward situation imaginable. Yes, we know it’s “Guise” & “DoLs” 🙂

*We are first on the program that includes Wasatch Theatre Company, University of Utah Department of Theatre and Canary in a Mine: stay for one or all!*

Wednesday, October 24, 7pm
by Jenifer Nii
directed by Alexandra Harbold
read by Colleen Baum, Dee-Dee Darby-Duffin,
April Fossen, Yolanda Stange
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A re-imagining of DON QUIXOTE: modern-day women find and face their own windmills – which, it turns out, warrant more than tilting.

From the author of WALLACE (co-written with Debora Threedy, 2010), THE SCARLET LETTER (2012), SUFFRAGE (2013), RUFF! (2015), KINGDOM OF HEAVEN (2016) and THE WEIRD PLAY (2018).

Series sponsored by Lee & Audrey Hollaar

Series stage managed by Catherine Heiner

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From the Artistic Director

We feel a responsibilty as a company to reflect the community in which we live. And yet I’ve been asking myself: with all that is happening, does attending the theatre even matter?

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Why (in)divisible?

All performances of (in)divisible through June 18 (presented as part of our Script-In-Hand Series) are technically at capacity, but you can still see the show. Free + summer = a certain number of no-shows! Click here for details, waitlist and walk-up info. Below each...

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(in)divisible is coming June 8-18 and it’s free!

(in)divisible is our response to the response to the election. But it’s not about Trump. Or Clinton. Or Sanders. Or Obama. Or any other political figure. As the project took shape, we followed two ground rules: (1) none of the above could be mentioned or even...

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