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Free Elementary School Tour Scripts & Study Guides (K-6)
Additional Scripts (K-6)

The five additional (very) short plays below are downloadable as PDFs and available royalty free. They were created to be performed by student actors; those marked * require a teacher to narrate.

Script: THE TEN MILE DAY by the 2018/19 students in Kelsey Hokanson’s 4th grade class, Oakridge Elementary with guidance from Melissa Leilani Larson & Brandan Ngo (4) 

Script: RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER * by Sharah Meservy (K)

Script: I DREAM OF A FAMILY * by Victoria Petro-Eschler (1)

Script: TREES ARE IMPORTANT * by Victoria Petro-Eschler (2)

Script: CINDERELLA by Sharah Meservy (3-6)

Script: THE NORSE LEGEND OF THE MISTLETOE by Sharah Meservy (5)

Additional Scripts (7-12)

The two In the Classroom plays below are downloadable as PDFs and include details on securing performance rights. They were created to be performed by larger casts of either student or adult actors.

Script: THE POST OFFICE by Melissa Leilani Larson (9-12+), perfect for high school one-act competition!  |  Catalyst Magazine

Script & Study Guide: CARAVAN: A HAPPY JOURNEY THROUGH WISDOM TALES OF JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY & ISLAM by Carol Lynn Pearson (7-12+), available royalty fee  |  Spokane FAVS (review)

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