Stephanie Howell remembers working with David Fetzer

David Fetzer with Stephanie Howell in THE END OF THE HORIZON

David Fetzer with Stephanie Howell in THE END OF THE HORIZON

Stephanie Howell appeared with our dear, departed friend David Fetzer in Plan-B’s world premiere of Debora Threedy’s THE END OF THE HORIZON in 2008.

That laugh. That perfect laugh. Working with David was knowing that at any moment you might be lucky enough to hear it. That utterly incongruous and completely contagious giggle. Sometimes, even when you didn’t hear it, you knew it was there . . . bubbling just underneath the surface, and you’d see it, or feel it. In the way he grabbed your hand as you were about to make an entrance. In the glint in his eye when a moment on stage didn’t go quite as planned — partners in crime. David was the kind of actor that made each of us a better actor — and really, when it came down to it a better person — just by being his beautiful, joyful, sincere, in-the-moment self.

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