Stephanie Howell |Photo credit Rick Pollock

Stephanie Howell |Photo credit Rick Pollock

Stephanie Howell has appeared in Plan-B’s BASH: LATTERDAY PLAYS, THE ALIENATION EFFEKT, THE END OF THE HORIZON and BORDERLANDS. She is also the only actor to have appeared in every SLAM.

My most memorable Plan-B role to date: Gail in Eric Samuelsen’s BORDERLANDS.

I miss her. I wanted to help her, to protect her and help her find her path and now she’s gone and I can’t. I wonder how she’s doing and where she is in her journey. I worry about her…her brittle exterior, her cracked patina. Her fragility masked by a protective edge.

All of which makes me loony-tunes, because “she” is “Gail,” a fictional character who, at the moment, is confined to a page — sucked back into the two-dimensional world of typed out words. But I had the distinct honor of bringing her off that page and making her mine. Of embracing her flaws, and then experiencing the sadness of letting her go.

How can I miss “her” when in a way she is me? Except of course, she’s not me. Never was. And yet she is. See, loony-tunes.

I felt a responsibility with Gail. To take care of her. To protect her. To be true to her and to the play, which was, in the end, about honesty and hope and humanness and living the truth. Maybe that’s part of why the experience was so memorable. Working on BORDERLANDS was itself an experience in honesty, hope, humanness and the truth. What theatre should be. What life should be.

So, yeah. Gail was the most memorable. And I miss her.

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