The Mayor-Elect and our Trustees share why they are thankful for Plan-B

Thank You!“I moved to Salt Lake City after college. Around the same time a group of young theatre artists in the city founded Plan-B Theatre Company. The tickets were inexpensive and the quality of the work was high. I went to many of their productions during a time of personal and political self discovery . . .Their productions affected my view of the world around me and my place in it. My commitment to supporting local arts and culture and my belief in the benefit of a strong local arts community stems, in part, from the impact the work of Plan-B has had on me.”
– Jackie Biskupski, Mayor-Elect, Salt Lake City

“I’m thankful for the opportunities Plan-B provides for local playwrights.”
– Trustee Benjamin Brown

“I’m thankful for Plan-B because it shares the Utah experience in a very distinctive, engaging way.”
– Trustee Rebecca Chavez-Houck

“I’m thankful for Plan-B because I know every dollar I give is maximized to produce thought-provoking theatre.”
-Trustee Brian Doughty

“I’m thankful for Plan-B because it ignites ideas and inspires conversation of those ideas with friends and family.”
– Trustee Tami Marquardt

“I’m thankful for Plan-B because the stories stay on my mind long after the stage lights go out.”
– Trustee Jesse Nix

“I’m thankful for Plan-B’s pursuit of the most intelligent, heart-wrenching, funny, thoughtful and refreshing theatre in Salt Lake.”
– Trustee Rick Pollock

“I’m thankful for Plan-B’s extraordinary commitment to arts in the schools.”
– Trustee Kay Shean

Thank You!Donors like you are why we are able to do what we do.

As 2015 comes to a rapid close, please consider a year-end gift to Plan-B.

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Happy new year and see you at the theatre!

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