What is HealthyHildegard.com?

hh-group-shot-2016The folks at HealthyHildegard.com heard about Tim Slover’s play VIRTUE about Hildegard of Bingen, premiering February 16-26 at Plan-B (click here for more information and tickets) and published a feature about the play on their website. So we turned the tables on them!

Tell us a little about yourselves.
We are friends and family: brother, sister, cousin, and friend. We all spent much of our younger years on paths of corporate pursuits in finance and investment, law, marketing, and philanthropy. At some point in our late 30’s we started making course corrections to adjust our life trajectories. Through individual processes of creating change, taking new risks, and attempting to honor our truer selves, we came together to build the Healthy Hildegard project.

Janice, Josh, and Gary live in Denver, Colorado. Jan lives in Berlin, Germany. When not working on Healthy Hildegard, we all have other pursuits, our “day jobs”.  Janice is the president of a Denver-based non-profit foundation, Josh runs a financial consulting firm, Jan manages artistic event space in repurposed buildings, and Gary is a writer and occasional business advisor.

You each clearly feel a strong connection to Hildegard. What about her speaks to you the most?
We have all come to find our own personal connections with Hildegard of Bingen and her work. Ultimately, Hildegard’s creative power binds us in our Healthy Hildegard project. Not just the process of creative expression, which is indeed a big part of her story, but how giving-in to that natural, generative potential within us (our viriditas) can transform and empower us to become something more, to live a better life.

When Hildegard decided to embrace her visions and give-in to her own sense of creative potential, at around age 40, she went through what we like to call a “midlife awakening”. This part of her story, which in many ways represents the beginning of her life of creativity and exploration, resonated with us the most. Each of us faces our own midlife awakening; we hope to follow Hildegard’s example, with life beginning again at 40.

Hildegard’s creative process honors a sense of interconnectivity to the physical world, other people, and that ‘something else’, something bigger than us. It opens the way to a better life. A healthier way of living, as simple as re-visiting what we choose to eat. Or, as complex as finding our place within the universe.

Through her awakening, Hildegard brought to life her ideas on creativity, connectivity, and the unifying aspects of the natural world with individual well-being. This aspect of her work spoke to us.

scivias-1-644x423How did HealthyHildegard.com come to be and what do you hope visitors experience on the site?
We had been working on a different project together that had us engaged in a creative process around rediscovering “old world” ideas about health and wellness. As we spent more time in various rabbit holes, we discovered Hildegard.

Since Jan lives in Germany, where Hildegard is better recognized, he was able to point us toward other Hildegard resources. And, as our conversations grew longer, and more in-depth, we began exploring ways to share our findings with a broader audience.

Not only did Hildegard’s work fill a void where our last project left off, but it helped set our own course on how to live healthy and fulfilled lives. We all quickly realized the potential of such a fascinating and inspiring historical figure and we compiled everything we could find. Through our research, we found few places to consistently explore Hildegard’s work in a practical, applicable, and approachable format, so we set-out to create a new forum.

Healthy Hildegard represents a living body of work. Like all of us, she is a work-in-progress. We hope that through our work, other people will discover their own Hildegard and start to integrate some of her wisdom and inspiration into their own lives to create change, find their way, or just help make choices that lead to better health, be it of spirit, mind, or body – ideally, all of them.

Tim Slover’s play VIRTUE about Hildegard of Bingen, played by Christy Summerhays, premieres February 16-26 at Plan-B. Jay Perry, S.A. Rogers and Emilie Starr complete the cast. Click here for more information and tickets.

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