Plan-B Theatre celebrates the first anniversary of marriage equality in Utah December 20-23 with the world premiere of Elaine Jarvik’s MARRY CHRISTMAS.

From Restore Our Humanity: “When Restore Our Humanity sought to bring marriage equality to Utah back in 2012, such an expedited timeline was completely unedpected. When Judge Robert Shelby ruled in favor of marriage equality in Kitchen v. Herbert, nearly 1,300 LGBTQ couples were able to legally marry before the State of Utah was able to obtain a stay on the order. The next step in the case was to move on to the District Court in Denver. A win there helped secure marriage equality for the other states of the 10th Circuit Court. The State of Utah continued to deny the reality of marriage equality and chose to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

When the U.S. Supreme Court denied certiorari (cert.), marriage equality won! Now LGBTQ persons in Utah may freely marry the partner of their choice and share in the same benefits heterosexual couples have been granted for more than a century. While the case may be won, there is still work to do in raising the funds to pay for all the effort put forth over two grueling years of legal battles. Please join us in celebrating victory for LGBTQ Utahans, let’s raise the funds to pay a debt we all share for this victory, a debt that currently stands at $731,024.81.”

From Plan-B Theatre: “This is personal. Two Plan-B staff members and two Plan-B board members were among the nearly 1,300 couples married during “the 17 days” – in fact, each couple had been married elsewhere but it meant more, much more, to be married at home. And a third Plan-B board member has since become engaged!

Plan-B is proud to be the only professional arts organization in Utah committed to placing LGBTQ issues center stage, each season, since 2001. We had to do something to help with the legal bill which, it bears repeating, currently stands at $731,024.81. So we created MARRY CHRISTMAS as part of our Script-In-Hand Series! Playwright Elaine Jarvik has woven together the real-life marriage stories of Connie Anast-Inman & Lindi Inman, J. Seth Anderson & Michael Adam Ferguson, Kim Blackett & Brent Schneider, Mark Chambers & Joe Pitti, Andrea Dahl & Coral Mangus, Jeremy & Mike Eskelsen, James Gerena & Kevin Crisman, Dave Hansen & Jarrett Killpack, Cheryl Haws & Shelly Eyre, Chris Johnson & David Tuma, Tyler Kunz & David Johnson, Anne Thackeray & Tonua Hamilton as well as Maggie Bradford, Sim Gill, Tony Milner & Matthew Barezza, Margaret Reiser, Eric Samuelsen, Sherrie Swensen and plaintiffs Kody Partridge & Laurie Wood. Thank you all for sharing your stories in celebration of Utah’s first anniversary of marriage equality. Together we’ve raised $5,000 for Restore Our Humanity!”

Plan-B Theatre celebrates the first anniversary of marriage equality in Utah December 20-23 with the world premiere of Elaine Jarvik’s MARRY CHRISTMAS, featuring Tyson Baker, Kim Blackett, Carleton Bluford, Anita Booher, Joe Debevc, April Fossen, Mark Fossen, Nell Gywnn, Tito Livas, Vicki Pugmire, Scott Smith, Yolanda Stange, Jason Tatom and Sarah Danielle Young. Stage managed by Michael Scott Johnson. Directed by Jason Bowcutt.  All four performances are sold out – click here for wait list information.

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