Tim Slover on his play VIRTUE

If you lived in Twelfth Century Europe, even if you were a lay person without benefit of reading, you would probably have heard of Hildegard.

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What is HealthyHildegard.com?

The folks at HealthyHildegard.com heard about Tim Slover’s play VIRTUE, about Hildegard of Bingen premiering February 16-26 at Plan-B, and published a feature about the play on their website. So we turned the tables on them!

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An open invitation to virtually gather with Plan-B on January 19 to resist intolerance at all levels

An open invitation to anyone who has ever worked with Plan-B Theatre in any way on a production or reading, and anyone who has ever attended a Plan-B production to join us on January 19th in a moment of gathering within a larger resistance to intolerance at all levels. We aim to create brave spaces that will serve as lights in the coming years. We aim to activate a network of people across the country working to support vulnerable communities. This is not a substitution for protests or direct action, but rather a pledge for continued vigilance and increased advocacy.

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Matthew Ivan Bennett on RADIO HOUR EPISODE 11: YULETIDE

I’m so, so grateful that I get to do as much theatre as I do. RADIO HOUR EPISODE 11: YULETIDE feels like an early Christmas present — one that I really, really “need.” Writing for radio is especially rewarding because . . . something about it connects me to that little kid who hid in the coat closet with a microphone. There’s a more intimate overlap, I think, between playing make-believe and grown-up, big-people theatre than we thespians like to admit.

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#GivingTuesday is November 29

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving. Our goal is to raise $3,000 to support our free education programs by midnight on Tuesday November 29: the Free Elementary School Tour, The Lab and the Script-In-Hand Series (details below). Click here to make your contribution today and receive a free copy of our most recent eBook! FREE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TOUR: The 2010 Census/2013 Addendum found that Utah is home to one of the highest percentages of children under age 18 in the nation (30.9% vs. 23.3%) and the largest average family size (3.14 vs. 2.64). And, as reported by The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah is also home to the lowest per-pupil spending (ranked 51st/70% below the national average) and largest average class size (30% above the national average). It is increasingly difficult, and in many cases impossible, for Utah schools to provide field trips to arts events. Thus the Free Elementary School Tour was created to offer free, professional, in-school performances; expose elementary students to live theatre and encourage pre- and post-show classroom discussion of complex issues. The ultimate goal is greater civic engagement. We are currently the only professional theatre company in Utah touring new work created specifically for elementary students. We reach 15,000 K-6 students at 40+ schools in 7 counties each year – THE EDIBLE COMPLEX by Melissa Leilani Larson concluded its Tour earlier this month. At least one student at each school, on each Tour thus far, has thanked us for giving them their first experience with live theatre. Each Tour also includes at least one public performance and is partially funded by the National Endowment... read more

Matthew Ivan Bennett on his play WHAT WE HAD TO

See, the Stasi thrived through a network of paid or blackmailed informants. “They” were largely made up of regular men and women. “They” were not always in uniforms. “They” were your brothers, mothers, co-workers, college professors, and favorite uncles. “They” were like you, and “They” were not necessarily after an obvious out-group. And, as I explore in my play, “They” might have been as afraid of their bosses as anyone else.

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Jeremy Harmon: Local Artist Inspired by Joe Hill

I went to see Six Feet in the Pine at Urban Lounge one night and was really excited about the idea of them doing one of Hill’s songs. I asked them to do “We Will Sing One Song” and they did a great version [which is part of the preshow music for ONE BIG UNION]. It’s not one of Hill’s better known songs.

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Mark Hofeling: Local Artist Inspired by Joe Hill

In the hallway of a Russian government building we were gazing at portraits of the founders and heroes of socialism. Marx, Lenin, Engels, etc. But there was a man in a hat I had never seen before. My host was baffled that I had never heard of the man, seeing as that I was from Utah. It was my first meeting with Joe Hill.

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9-year-old Presley Josephine Caywood reviews THE EDIBLE COMPLEX

Presley Josephine Caywood is a fourth grader at Wasatch Elementary. She attended a dress rehearsal of THE EDIBLE COMPLEX by Melissa Leilani Larson this week – below is her review. So, my mom told me that we were going to go see show called THE EDIBLE COMPLEX. She told me what the show was about and I was really excited. We were recently talking about food and the food groups. I was comparing myself to some other kids in school. Was I skinny enough? Was I healthy enough? Seeing THE EDIBLE COMPLEX made me feel a lot better about myself. I was expecting the actors in the show to talk about the food groups and what you are supposed to eat, but it was totally different because it talked about not comparing yourself to others. The play also talked about foods like cheese burgers and tacos. I also noticed that being happy is healthy. When the main character did unhealthy things (like not eat) she wasn’t very happy with herself or her life. The director [Cheryl Cluff] did a fine job. I like that they decided to use a small space for the stage. The staging looked very realistic but you could also tell when Anna (the main character [Anne Louise Brings]) was changing environments by how she moved around the set. The costumes [designed by Aaron Swenson] were really cool. I also liked the diversity in the actors. Inserted Mom comment: “I raised my eyebrows at her when I read that last sentence. Presley responded quickly with a sassy, ‘What? You didn’t think I would notice that?'” The actor... read more

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