by Julie Jensen
illustrated by Andrew Livingston


Learn to make finger puppets and create your own play!


“I tried to involve K-6 students the process of thinking like a playwright, improvising scenes with others, and then finally writing them down. What is unique about this program is that it helps students see that events and people from their own lives can be made into plays.  

In the course of this curriculum, students understand the components make up a play, how to include conflict, how characters think and act, how stories work. In addition, students get a chance to play many parts, because in the course of the work, they improvise many characters. That means they have a chance to participate in several aspects of theatre, as an actor, as a creator, and as a writer. 

Because the writing process is sometimes difficult for students, I tried in this curriculum to minimize the fear of the blank page. Improvisation takes the preciousness from the writing process and makes it merely play. That way students can work from several ideas and possibilities, rather than having to come up with everything on their own.” – Playwright Julie Jensen


Spanish translation , as well as English and Spanish audio recordings, coming July 31, 2020

Videos for Students to Use at Home
Videos para que los Estudiantes los Usen en Casa
Videos & Support Materials for Teachers to Use in the Classroom

Utah Core Standards for Drama (Grades K-6)
Pacing Guides (Grades K-6) coming July 31, 2020

One-Page Lesson Plan for Introduction To & Setting Up An Improvisation
One-Page Lesson Plan for Characters Don’t Have To Be People
One-Page Lesson Plan for Characters Always Want Something
One-Page Lesson Plan for Characters Always Want Something/Characters Are Always In Conflict
One-Page Lesson Plan for Where the Characters Are
One-Page Lesson Plan for Characters Have Personalities
One-Page Lesson Plan for Characters Are In Conflict

For Characters Use Tactics To Get That They Want,
What Characters Do
and Writing It Down,
the videos are the lesson plans!

Special thanks to Penny Caywood and Youth Theatre at the U for consulting on the curriculum and the majority of the videos and lesson plans above!

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