The Full History of Radio Hour

Cheryl Ann Cluff co-founded Plan-B in 1991. Her love of radio drama has been part of the company since RADIO MACBETH in 1996, followed by THE PBTC RADIO SHOW in 1998 and THE WAR OF THE WORLDS in 2002 (our first radio broadcast, a recreation of The Mercury Theatre's original 1938 broadcast, live on KRCL - available at the button below), each of which paved the way for RADIO HOUR (all episodes available on the playlist below).

In the early 2000s, Doug Fabrizio (host of KUER's RadioWest) and Cheryl Ann discovered their shared love of classic radio drama.

In early 2005, Cheryl Ann, Doug, and Artistic Director Jerry Rapier met for fancy cocoa at the long-gone Cocoa Cafe to chat about the possibility of creating one live radio drama as one episode of RadioWest. RADIO HOUR EPISODE 1: RADIO POE (which Cheryl Ann also adapted) aired that fall. We had no idea then we'd still be co-producing RADIO HOUR 18 years later with KUER's RadioWest!

EPISODES 1-3, 6, and 10-16 were performed live in the RadioWest studio. EPISODES 4-5, 7-9, and 17 were performed in front of a "live studio audience." The goal was to return to the latter format in 2020, but, well ... 


Below is every episode of RADIO HOUR in reverse chronological order. Please note that EPISODE 6 was titled MARATHON and was a re-broadcast of EPISODES 1-5, and EPISODE 14.5 was a rebroadcast of EPISODE 9 during to the COVID-19 lockdown. All episodes are also available via RadioWest's podcast and our app (see below).

Over the years, various episodes have been rebroadcast on NPR affiliates in more than 20 states.